Thursday, July 21, 2011

Birthday Re-cap!

Paige enjoyed a very special day last Saturday, her 6th (can it be 6 already??) birthday! The day started off like all birthdays should, licking the cake bowl.

rose bush and paiges bday 026

She then moved on to the big task of decorating the basement bar area. With the scorching temps we decided to move the party to the nice cool basement.

rose bush and paiges bday 029

Her request was for a “Princess-Puppy” party. So we made a puppy cake and tried to make the basement as “princess-y” as possible!

rose bush and paiges bday 031

rose bush and paiges bday 036

She has been BEGGING for a puppy for a very long time now. We always told her when we moved out to the country. Well, that was at the beginning of winter, so then we told her in the summer. According to her summer started a long time ago and we’ve had the question MANY times as to weather or not we are really getting a puppy. Any time we’d ask what she wanted for her birthday she’d sigh, roll her eyes and say, “you KNOW what I want. A real puppy. But you said not yet”. We did, we kept telling her in August we’d get one. Thanks to Kyle and Lacey’s dog she got the present she always wanted! Meet Oliver.

rose bush and paiges bday 045

rose bush and paiges bday 050

Chloe is not a fan of puppies, but since Paige is her BEST friend she decided that she would learn to like Paige’s dog. No matter what it took. I think she’s doing just great.

rose bush and paiges bday 049

rose bush and paiges bday 052

Oliver had to go back home for a few weeks as he wasn’t even 2 weeks old at the party. But Paige has already visited him so he won’t forget her and is now counting down the days to school starting ‘cause that’s when she gets to take him home.

rose bush and paiges bday 041

Happy Birthday Paigey!!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Peetttyy Daadddyy!!!


Lookout Kara, Deanna, and any other hairstylists out there, we have someone that’s gonna give you a run for your money!

Mile Run 001

Yes, she practices on a bald guy. Since this means there’s no hair to stick the clip into she has to PUSH it into his head, good thing he has a thick skull!

Mile Run 002Mile Run 004Mile Run 003

“Peeettty Daaddy!!!”