Tuesday, October 16, 2012

To Do List

Anson and Paige get off the bus at 4:00 P.M. With it being the end of my daycare day, it’s pretty chaotic around here. Sometimes they start homework right away, but usually they wait until after the kids leave so they can concentrate better.

Last week they decided to wait, and I found them like this.

2012-10-09 17.21.48

I asked what they were doing and Anson said they were making a list of things to do on Saturday. The lists were practically identical, except they picked different chores. It was so fun to see what they thought up on their own and how they worked together to make sure their lists would coincide.

2012-10-09 19.16.39

Anson’s list. He put his up on the fridge right away.

2012-10-16 07.12.54

Paige’s list. She put hers in a notebook and then up in her room. Took me awhile to find it.

I’d like to say everything on the lists got done. It didn’t. They actually ended up getting invited to a brother/sister friends’ house that rides their bus for a sleepover Friday. So Jerem, Ava and I had a nice quiet evening here and when they came home Saturday they picked a few things to do off the list.