Friday, May 20, 2011


I think I have it. For real. Although I think mine is the kind that plagues most mothers, I hope. Maybe I’m alone in this. The following pictures were not fun to put up, but I really don’t want to keep giving you the impression I’m super mom or something.   Because when I should be doing this….

building 003

Or cleaning this….

building 002

I decide to visit my new favorite site ( and find something to build. I will say in my defense, the weather has be beautiful here and with little ones outside at ages where an adult needs to be there too, it gave me a fun project to keep busy with.

building 005 

Project #1: Child size picnic table. Total cost: 0.00. The top is an old pallet. There were a bunch here when we moved. And some scrap 2x4’s. That’s it. I used the power saw for the first time. Alone. And not just that but I successfully cut at a 30 degree angle. I’m not sure why that excites me as much as it does. The table is definitely solid and actually sets level. Once again, I surprised myself. If you knew, and I mean really knew me you’d know what an accomplishment that is. To get something level.

building 007

This little guy was my big helper for the week. He’s Kodiak’s (my extra I’ve had since Sept) older brother who was done with preschool for the year. He was pretty bored with just the little ones to play with, so I put him to work. He pulled nails, painted, and kept me entertained.

On to project #2.

building 001

Once again, a freebie. And once again, made out of pallets.

building 004

These were SO EASY. I couldn’t believe it. Just a couple cuts with a saw and a piece of wood in the bottom to keep the stuff from falling out. I’m trying to decide where to put them and what do do with them. I really like the idea of them hanging at kid level in the basement with books. I think with the barn wood down there it would look pretty cool. But with the cement blocks halfway up the wall I’m not sure how to hang them. So for now they’re just a fun project. I could just set them on the floor with books too. I’m sure some of you have some great ideas I’d love to hear! They could be painted, stained, etc. Right now I kinda like the character the raw look gives.

I’m super excited about Project #3, but that one is waiting a couple weeks I think. I need to go find the floor in my house.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Joined At The Hip

This weekend, or rather, this PAST weekend, not this COMING weekend, Jerem and Anson went down to camp for Father/Son retreat. This is their 3rd year going and every year Anson gets more excited.

Paige and I decided she needed a fun weekend too, so she hosted her first sleepover. Her and Chloe Olson are BEST friends. They are so cute to watch together, they can’t go one step without the other right there. Paige made a list of what they were going to eat and do. On the menu was:

Sparkling Grape Juice, Mac n Cheese, Rootbeer Floats, Donuts for breakfast.


Painting nails, Playing wii dance, putting on make-up, dressing up.

sleepover 025


sleepover 028sleepover 030sleepover 031sleepover 032

Although playing Anson’s DS wasn’t on the list they got lots of time with it in!

sleepover 034

Winding down for the night.

sleepover 036

And..they’re out! they fell asleep at about 10 and got up at 5:50!! It was just too exciting.sleepover 040

Ready for church


sleepover 041


sleepover 042

Of course they had to do the “best friends matching hair” thing. Chloe declared she wanted to move in and become Paige’s sister, I think once she saw her brother and sister at church though she decided her family was okay and Paige could just be her “pretend” sister.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Project Day


The previous owners of our house left us a great swing set. The kids were so excited to have something bigger to play on. With all the wind lately I noticed the tarp on top was really getting shredded and not working so great. I remembered that a few years ago I bought some awning fabric in for a different project that never came to be. There were many times shuffling things around in the trailer that I thought about just pitching it, but couldn’t bring myself to “just in case”. So, I decided the cover for the playground was what I would tackle yesterday afternoon. (Notice my super heavy duty, park grade, yellow baby swing? My fun goodwill find for $5 WITH the chain).

swingset 001

I even did it right and sewed the fabric together instead of just overlapping it. Come on mom, I know you’re impressed.

swingset 007

In bit precarious of a position because no I did NOT do this right and get the ladder. About 10 minutes later I did because I was in fear for my life and didn’t want to scar my children forever by them seeing me fall.

swingset 008

All done! Now THAT was a workout!! I love it though. Not sure how long it’ll hold up, but I have plenty more fabric where that came from.

swingset 018