Friday, May 20, 2011


I think I have it. For real. Although I think mine is the kind that plagues most mothers, I hope. Maybe I’m alone in this. The following pictures were not fun to put up, but I really don’t want to keep giving you the impression I’m super mom or something.   Because when I should be doing this….

building 003

Or cleaning this….

building 002

I decide to visit my new favorite site ( and find something to build. I will say in my defense, the weather has be beautiful here and with little ones outside at ages where an adult needs to be there too, it gave me a fun project to keep busy with.

building 005 

Project #1: Child size picnic table. Total cost: 0.00. The top is an old pallet. There were a bunch here when we moved. And some scrap 2x4’s. That’s it. I used the power saw for the first time. Alone. And not just that but I successfully cut at a 30 degree angle. I’m not sure why that excites me as much as it does. The table is definitely solid and actually sets level. Once again, I surprised myself. If you knew, and I mean really knew me you’d know what an accomplishment that is. To get something level.

building 007

This little guy was my big helper for the week. He’s Kodiak’s (my extra I’ve had since Sept) older brother who was done with preschool for the year. He was pretty bored with just the little ones to play with, so I put him to work. He pulled nails, painted, and kept me entertained.

On to project #2.

building 001

Once again, a freebie. And once again, made out of pallets.

building 004

These were SO EASY. I couldn’t believe it. Just a couple cuts with a saw and a piece of wood in the bottom to keep the stuff from falling out. I’m trying to decide where to put them and what do do with them. I really like the idea of them hanging at kid level in the basement with books. I think with the barn wood down there it would look pretty cool. But with the cement blocks halfway up the wall I’m not sure how to hang them. So for now they’re just a fun project. I could just set them on the floor with books too. I’m sure some of you have some great ideas I’d love to hear! They could be painted, stained, etc. Right now I kinda like the character the raw look gives.

I’m super excited about Project #3, but that one is waiting a couple weeks I think. I need to go find the floor in my house.


~ Tandis ~ said...

WOMAN! YOU'RE AMAZING! :) I am going directly over to! :) Ski is going to roll his eyes as he usually gets dragged into my great ideas...I'll blame you. :P

Jill O. said...

Everything turned out great!!! Mother, Chef, Maid, Doctor, Chauffer, Mediator....dare we add Carpenter?!? Great job!!!

On Second Street said...

love them!

jess said...

Very cool! And very brave I might add... Powertools and all!