Thursday, August 27, 2009

"New" Living Room

The love seats before. Sorry...couldn't flip it around

Heres some pictures of our new love seats. Wish I had a picture of the living room the old way, but I forgot to take one. I love how they turned out, THANK YOU GRANDMA MARGE! I found the fabric in Blackduck for about $2.50/yd. Can't beat that! So thankful for a new look after 7 years.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Too Ambitious....Maybe?

Okay, so, umm....where to start. We just got home yesterday from a lovely week in Rochester, and by lovely, I mean absolutely refreshing and relaxing. Now it's back to reality, right? I made my little list of things to do today.
1. Pick and can green beans
2. Put clothes away
3. Clean bathroom
4. Do 2 loads of laundry....etc, etc.....
You get the idea...typical things that need to be done after being gone for a week. So I accomplished 1-4 on the list before getting distracted. Actually, that's not true, I have only done 1 load of laundry. So, back to the distraction. It doesn't take much for me, I am busy doing something, have something else in my head that I'd like to see done and before I know it I'm not getting much done at all. Oh, and Jerem, if you're reading this before you've come home, you can stop reading now and just dwell on the fact that I've done items 1-4.

This story really starts back in June when Mjean and I and Marge did a garage sale. Mjean was trying to sell some old love seats, really she was trying to get rid of them since they were kinda old and dirty. But after sitting across from them for 4 hrs, staring.....they kinda grew on me. So much in fact that I decided to take them off her hands and get them recovered. They are now ready for us to pick up and I am so excited to have a change in the living room before the baby comes. We are hoping to get them tonight or tomorrow and since I'm so excited, I, of course, want to be prepared as possible by this evening. Prepared as in moving the 8 foot long couch OUT of the living room and rearranging in anticipation. Since I am 8 1/2 months pregnant I don't lift...I might make some people mad if they heard I lifted. So I scooted the couch to one door. Wouldn't fit. I scooted it back. You see, the beauty in trailer houses is they make the doors/halls/and porches at such complicating angles so that it is nearly impossible to move anything out or in via anything but a window. In the last 6 months we have moved a grill in (in the box...needed to be wrapped..was -29 outside), and a bunk bed. Oh, and now a couch. I admit, it's a tad tricky "scooting" a couch out of a window, but with Anson's strong muscles to help we got'r'done. And to think, I only put a couple (small) holes in the door and bent the screen for the window. I think it can be fixed.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

36 weeks, 28 days, 4 weeks

Whichever way I look at it...I'm getting down to the end! I'm officially 36 weeks pregnant which means I have 4 weeks left! Woohoo. Of course in my pregnancy state of mind I'm HOPING I'll go early, but seeing as how that didn't happen with Anson or Paige I probably won't. I'll just resign myself to getting larger and larger and smiling with a shake of the head when strangers ask if I'm SURE I'm not having twins. Yes, its happened more then you'd guess.

I'm spending my 36th week in a very enjoyable way though. The kids and I drove to Rochester for the week to spend some end-of-summer days with grandpa and grandma. Of course me and my wild imagination had conjured up all sorts of scenarios of me going into labor on the way here, which surprise surprise, never happened. It doesn't take the kids long to remember whose house they're at either. Anson one day, wanted another cookie, we were trying to get him to actually ASK for it. His response? "Well, I already know grandma will give it to me, cause she gives me everything I want." We are all getting very rested though, especially me who has not been allowed to lift a finger to cook or anything, I could see myself getting used to this! :)

Hopefully only a couple more posts from me before I'll be posting about the arrival of our little girl! We can't wait!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Daddy's Hunter

Some very generous friends gave Anson an old youth bow that their boys had outgrown. He was very excited to get it all set up and use it for the first time! Jerem was very proud of his hunter-to-be!