Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentines!

These two cuties met up with daddy at work last night. We all wanted to check out his new office and then he was taking the girls to supper. He sure knows how to spoil his princesses!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Last night I was told to make myself scarce when Jerem got home. Him and the kids had a project. 15 minutes later the kids marched into the living room carrying 12 pint jars all closed up with pieces of paper in each one. My mission? To put the “puzzle” together and figure out what my birthday gift was. This is the picture Jerem used. Anson looks like he’s trying to be all Mr. Cool, “you want garden fresh produce? Use this.” Ava, “I can hardly stand the excitement, it’s a CANNER”. Paige, “this is the face I make when I’m told to eat my vegetables”.

It was SO creative of him to do it that way rather than just wrap it up. And by the way, I LOVE it. I’m a practical gift lover. I have a small pressure canner that I can fit about 5 pint jars in, so this is going to make canning season so much easier! I told him it was probably a good thing he didn’t get me an ironing board, that may have been taking the practical a little too far.

Thanks hun, you’re the best !



Monday, February 11, 2013

Must be Monday

To be read like a Dr. Seuss book.

Car. Far. Car did not go far.

spaghetti feed warroad game truck stuck 058

Truck. Stuck. Truck is stuck. Truck is stuck in the muck.

spaghetti feed warroad game truck stuck 057

Help. Yelp. They yelped for help.

spaghetti feed warroad game truck stuck 059

Try. Cry. (who am I kidding..they’re guys..they were having FUN)

spaghetti feed warroad game truck stuck 060

Friend. End. Thanks friend, this story can end.

spaghetti feed warroad game truck stuck 061

Yes, they both went happily on their way and I trudged out to the road to collect daycare kids after that. HAPPY MONDAY!!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hat Trick!

Anson got a hat trick in today's game. So my question is, why do his sisters look like they don't enjoy hearing "it's time for hockey!"?

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Fairy Tale Time

For the past 3 weeks Paige has been looking forward to one thing. A fairy tale party at school! Mrs. O. has been incorporating fairy tales in with homework for awhile now. Last week Paige had to do a "book report" on Cinderella in the form of a board game. She LOVES anything creative, so this was right up her alley. Since our kids have such and incredibly long bus ride I had her read Cinderella on the way to school one day and write down ideas for her game so we could attack it when she came home. She had to have 5 facts from the story incorporated in the board, and although I could help it had to look like she did it. I was so impressed. She came off the bus with her notebook full of "she had to clean-move back one space. Her fairy godmother gave her a dress- move up one. The clock struck 12 move back 3." And so on. We had fun creating the game and figuring out the best way to do it. Then we found Cinderella characters online and printed and laminated them to created game pieces. Her and Anson played it a couple times and declared it a success!!
Today is the day she gets to wear dress up clothes to school and have a fairy tale feast! Ava had to get in on the dress up time in her own Ava way:)

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