Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Take out….or not?


Okay, really, we don’t have the option of take out up here. I mean, we DO, but since it takes 20 min to drive and pick up the food it doesn’t really seem like a fast fix on supper plans. I keep seeing Dominos pasta bowls advertised and they look so good to me. So I decided to try and make my own. Here’s how it went. Oh yeah, and we don’t even have a Dominos anyway.

Step 1: Make bread dough, or use freezer dough. I of course prefer the homemade, but I’m a little spoiled that way. :)


Step 2: Cook meat, pasta, and sauce. You can use whatever combo sounds good. I made a very easy alfredo sauce found here. Cooked up some chicken and used the noodles I had on hand, a random mixture.


Step 3: Form bread bowls. I rolled mine in cornmeal and then pricked the bottom with a fork so they wouldn’t rise so much in the middle. Brush entire bowl with melted butter.


Step 4: Ladle in the sauce first, then the pasta, then meat. Heap it, because the bowl will rise around it. Spoon a little sauce on top so the meat is covered a little and top with desired cheese.


I used dough that had risen once and was ready to be made into loaves. By the time I got done filling it had risen a small amount…I didn’t want it to get too big, so I baked it right away. 350 I think it took 30 min or so. I forgot to time it, I just kept an eye on it.

   2009_12300013 2009_12300011

Don’t even try and guess how many calories are in it. Only make it if you don’t care or are ready for a  workout afterwards. Of course, after all the mess of making it, it could be considered exercise just to clean the kitchen!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A rediscovered perfume

Perfume: fill or impregnate with an odor

I think I’m getting used to wearing my new scent. I put it away for about 4 years, but have recently taken it out again. I can’t say it’s my favorite. Ava disagrees with me, she thinks I love it. On Sunday morning after I finished feeding her she projectile vomited all over me. I was just thankful it was before my shower. The funny thing was, an hour later as we were getting ready to walk out the door to church I kept smelling it. I mentioned to Jerem that I just felt like I smelled like sour milk and I couldn’t seem to get rid of it. He suggested using REAL perfume and maybe that would help. I did, and hoped that it was just me that noticed the rancid odor.

We got to church, I went and fed Ava. Went back upstairs and sat down, she spit up all over me. Jerem leaned over trying to contain his smile and chuckling and just said, “you poor woman”.

I don’t think I mind though. I’ve discovered a little sour milk smell and feeling somewhat disheveled 80 no 95% of the time is worth it for all the little smiles and coos and the privilege to raise another child for the Lord.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Happenings

This last weekend we got a visit from my brother Chet, his girlfriend Kim and my sister Adley. We had a great time going sledding, making a gingerbread house, playing games and of course Uncle Chet making his traditional pancakes that we had to catch. Lets just say the 5 second rule was used a lot that morning! It was Kim’s first time making a gingerbread house and us girls had a fun time playing around adding the finishing touches once the kids were done. Sledding was lots of fun although they were rather disgusted that we had to drive 30+ miles to actually GO sledding. Paige had it figured out after one time going down the hill though. We kept noticing about 1/4 the way down she would stop herself and come back up and do it again. When we asked why she told us she didn’t have to walk as far that way! Chet and I also made raised doughnuts one morning. YUM! It was so nice of them to drive all the way up here so close to Christmas to spend a couple days with us.

Auntie Kim and Ava not too sure about the airplane idea Pancake time!2009_12220015 2009_12220017  2009_122200192009_12220022 Paige isn't dumb us girls had to do the pile up! 2009_12220033 2009_12220041  2009_122200512009_12220055 2009_12220056  we are very proud of our snowman 2009_12220069  

2009_12220097 doughnuts uncle chet auntie adley

Our school up here has a white elephant sale every year. The Early Childhood Family Education program asks people to donate household decor, movies, toys, etc. Basically things that aren't wanted any more. Then they price them .25-1.00 and let kids pre-k to 6th grade "shop" for family members. All money made through the sale goes to the ECFE program. It's fun to see what the kids come up with for gifts. We let them exchange the white elephant ones early this year and this is what Anson got paige. I think its pretty cool and Paige just loves it. Anson kept asking her if he could play with it and she kept saying no. I told him that it was his gift to her and if she wants to play with it for now she doesn't have to share. His response was, "well mom, if I knew it was so cool I wouldn't have gotten it for her!" Ahh, brotherly love.
Jill put up a video of the kids christmas program. So visit her blog to see that.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Today found Jill Olson, Sarah Block, Lisa Olson and myself baking Christmas cookies. We had a great time trying new recipes and making old favorites. Only forgot the flour in one recipe and only had one freshly decorated pan land on the floor. Not a bad day at all! 



Lets see if I can remember all the kinds of cookies that were made today. We had Butterscotch Gingerbread, Chocolate Cranberry, Minnesota Munchies, Rolo Filled, Jam Thumbprints, Choco-mallow, Caramel Chocolate Tartlets, and of course Moose Balls. Can’t wait to start sampling them all!



Abby and Greta had a great time playing and Sophie and Ava got a little better acquainted. (when they weren’t napping)



Thanks to Sarah for letting use her kitchen!


My haul :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Gingerbread Nightmares

Paige’s class at school is having a gingerbread man hunt this month. I think she was a little confused about it, because Wednesday she came home from school with a cutout of a gingerbread man and said, “mom, if you see him while I’m sleeping, tell me. Okay?” The following is the conversation that just now took place.

Me (in a somewhat urgent voice) : “Paige! Have you see the gingerbread man at night yet?”

Paige (in a whiny more terrified voice) : “Nooooo…and I don’t want to see him”

Me: “Why?”

Paige (whimpering now) : “because he runs really fast and I don’t think I like him”

Anson : “Paige…you know you have to find clues right? At school?”

Paige: “You mean I don’t have to find him here at home?”

Anson (laughing like he knows it all) : “No Paige..its just while you’re at school”

Paige (giggling now) : “Oh..okay…I thought he would be here at home, but school is okay”

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Anson’s Turn

I finally got around to putting a few special touches to Anson’s room. He has adjusted quite well to having such a tiny space to call his own.


Above: My dad made the shelf for above the window. I have a feeling it’s going to become a new “road” for Anson’s cars.

Below: I hung one of the quilts I made for a curtain to the closet. Just to give you an idea of the size of the room, I am sitting on his bed to take this picture. There is about 3 feet between his bed and closet.


Below: Graham (brother) made Anson these wooden cutout for a birthday present. We still have a couple to paint and get put up. Mom found him the cool deer figurine you see next to the lamp. Special little touches.


The next step is for Jerem to mount a couple of his small racks/antlers so Anson can have a “real” hunting room.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day this year. Here are a few photos from the fun-filled 4 day weekend. My sister Natasha, her husband Matt, and son Boyd came up for a visit. So did Jerem’s parents. It’s amazing how close quarters can bring people together. And give them headaches depending on how loud the kids are screaming. We had a meal of Walleye and Porketta, made a trip up to the lake, played a compatibility game…twice…Jerem and I lost….twice. No further comment. Paige enjoyed having an Auntie around and Tasha was patient enough to allow her nails (and fingers) to get bright purple nail polish applied. We can’t wait for our next visitors to arrive. Expecting Adley, Chet and Kim in two weeks. Yay!

Happy Birthday!! (A little late)

A big happy birthday to our 6 year old! I can’t believe that 6 years have gone by already since we started our family. Anson is such a joy to be a parent to. He is typical rough and tumble that you’d expect, but also has a very sweet and gentle side. We love you Anson! We were in the cities for his birthday and Christa was nice enough to invite people over for his birthday. He had lots of fun playing with the Meissner kids and Aiden Kahl. Thanks to all for helping us celebrate his day. We love you Anson!

009_9 DSCF1304

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Trained Professional

Sometimes I wonder about myself. I took a shower last night with the intention of straightening my hair in the morning before church. I wondered to myself how I would get it done in time; between breakfast, dressing 3 kids, nursing one, redressing the one I just nursed who spit up or pooped or something. So when Ava woke up at 1:30 am to feed and wasn't going back to sleep as fast as I would have liked I had an idea. I was letting her fuss in her crib, but I didn't want to go to bed until I knew she was asleep. So I decided to get a jump start and straighten my hair. Did I mention it was 1:30 am?? Who does that?????? Seriously! I got it half done and went back to bed. Ava was up again at 6:30, which gave me plenty of time to finish straightening and leisurely apply make-up before the kids needed breakfast. While the kids were eating Jerem got up not looking so great. He felt like he had a sinus infection coming on a few days ago and woke up rather miserable. I suggested he stay home and rest. He did, but still was able to help get the kids ready for church and said to not worry about breakfast dishes, he'd take care of them. I sent the kids out to the van to buckle themselves and was putting my coat on when I noticed Jerem staring at the table. "What?" I said. "ummm, aren't you going to make more then one trip?" He said. I then saw what he purse, car seat, and cup with hot water that was warming Ava's bottle. "" I replied with a chuckle, " I'm a trained professional honey". And grabbed everything to head out the door. "okay then" he said "I'll get the door for you". Meeting was great this morning. I had lots of help as I knew I would. Kids sat with Uncle Dallas and Auntie Jean and Ava fussed...pretty typical. I did appreciate all over again Jerem. Despite the help, I missed having him sit next to me, his firm hand on the children. Him gathering Sunday school papers, cars, and notebooks that are strewn all over by the end of church. The discussion of the message that follows in the car on the way home. Even though I claim to be a "trained professional" I am so thankful I don't have to go about this journey of motherhood alone, that I have a husband to offer an extra set of hands and stern voice when needed. And that I didn't have to come home to a counter full of dishes. I love you honey..and get better soon!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yesterday after some nice bonding time with Anson he asked, "mom, can I please have a piece of candy? Paige is in her room so she won't know, and I'll eat it real fast. But if she comes out before i'm done and says, 'Anson, what are you eating?', I'll say 'nothing, I'm just chewing on my tounge". Of course he was dead serious and couldn't understand why I found it so funny.

Cutting up carrots for supper

Mixing it all together

Ready to chow down on a supper he made
Cheesy Lentil Bake
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