Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Happenings

This last weekend we got a visit from my brother Chet, his girlfriend Kim and my sister Adley. We had a great time going sledding, making a gingerbread house, playing games and of course Uncle Chet making his traditional pancakes that we had to catch. Lets just say the 5 second rule was used a lot that morning! It was Kim’s first time making a gingerbread house and us girls had a fun time playing around adding the finishing touches once the kids were done. Sledding was lots of fun although they were rather disgusted that we had to drive 30+ miles to actually GO sledding. Paige had it figured out after one time going down the hill though. We kept noticing about 1/4 the way down she would stop herself and come back up and do it again. When we asked why she told us she didn’t have to walk as far that way! Chet and I also made raised doughnuts one morning. YUM! It was so nice of them to drive all the way up here so close to Christmas to spend a couple days with us.

Auntie Kim and Ava not too sure about the airplane idea Pancake time!2009_12220015 2009_12220017  2009_122200192009_12220022 Paige isn't dumb us girls had to do the pile up! 2009_12220033 2009_12220041  2009_122200512009_12220055 2009_12220056  we are very proud of our snowman 2009_12220069  

2009_12220097 doughnuts uncle chet auntie adley

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christa said...

LOVE the new blog!! looks like you had such fun with your siblings when they were here! see you tomorrowwwww! :)