Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Today found Jill Olson, Sarah Block, Lisa Olson and myself baking Christmas cookies. We had a great time trying new recipes and making old favorites. Only forgot the flour in one recipe and only had one freshly decorated pan land on the floor. Not a bad day at all! 



Lets see if I can remember all the kinds of cookies that were made today. We had Butterscotch Gingerbread, Chocolate Cranberry, Minnesota Munchies, Rolo Filled, Jam Thumbprints, Choco-mallow, Caramel Chocolate Tartlets, and of course Moose Balls. Can’t wait to start sampling them all!



Abby and Greta had a great time playing and Sophie and Ava got a little better acquainted. (when they weren’t napping)



Thanks to Sarah for letting use her kitchen!


My haul :)


christa said...

yummmmy! everything looks so pretty and delicious, and so much fun to have good company while accomplishing all that!

Jill said...

Well done Ladies! Looks great! Fun to see your pics! (and a little of Sarah's new house) Will have to file that butterscotch ginger cookies for next year- they looked so pretty!

On Second Street said...

fun. But I am curious- what on earth are moose balls????

~ Tandis ~ said...

What a fun time to share together. Many hands sure does make lite work!

Micah said...

moose balls (we grew up calling them buckeyes) are peanut butter/rice kripie balls covered in chocolated. YUM!