Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Take out….or not?


Okay, really, we don’t have the option of take out up here. I mean, we DO, but since it takes 20 min to drive and pick up the food it doesn’t really seem like a fast fix on supper plans. I keep seeing Dominos pasta bowls advertised and they look so good to me. So I decided to try and make my own. Here’s how it went. Oh yeah, and we don’t even have a Dominos anyway.

Step 1: Make bread dough, or use freezer dough. I of course prefer the homemade, but I’m a little spoiled that way. :)


Step 2: Cook meat, pasta, and sauce. You can use whatever combo sounds good. I made a very easy alfredo sauce found here. Cooked up some chicken and used the noodles I had on hand, a random mixture.


Step 3: Form bread bowls. I rolled mine in cornmeal and then pricked the bottom with a fork so they wouldn’t rise so much in the middle. Brush entire bowl with melted butter.


Step 4: Ladle in the sauce first, then the pasta, then meat. Heap it, because the bowl will rise around it. Spoon a little sauce on top so the meat is covered a little and top with desired cheese.


I used dough that had risen once and was ready to be made into loaves. By the time I got done filling it had risen a small amount…I didn’t want it to get too big, so I baked it right away. 350 I think it took 30 min or so. I forgot to time it, I just kept an eye on it.

   2009_12300013 2009_12300011

Don’t even try and guess how many calories are in it. Only make it if you don’t care or are ready for a  workout afterwards. Of course, after all the mess of making it, it could be considered exercise just to clean the kitchen!



Denis Haack said...

Looks good, my dear daughter in law (and I would have happily cleaned up afterwards).

~ Tandis ~ said...

WERE THEY GOOD?! I missed if you said that. They look awesome.