Saturday, January 9, 2010

Friday Night Fun

Last night we had Derek and Jill out for the evening. I was hoping she’d have to call and cancel cause they were on their way to the hospital, but nope, they made it! I know we’re all getting pretty excited to meet this baby, but I think Jill is the most ready of all of us. :)


The girls all had to play dress-up, of course. Paige told Anson, “Anson, this is the way it’s going to go. First we are going to play dress up, then we are going to dance, then we are going to have a party. Then you can play with us”. Here they are dancing.


Ouch! Who knew legs could go that high?!


After a little dancing we had to have a little Wii action. Abby was boxing Jerem and made sure to tell him, “your going down jerem. I’m gonna box you down!” And she did.





The guys were very serious about it. In spite of concentrating so hard Derek still knocked Jerem out in the first round. What a great way to spend Friday evening.


Marijean said...

Looks like a fun night!! I like Chloe's tongue sticking out - A TRUE Block trait :-)

christa said...

fun!! i love the motion picture of derek and jerem! and i LOVE that abby beat jerem in boxing! hahahahahaha