Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Girls


Sometimes I worry about the 4 years between Ava and Paige. I wonder if they’ll be close like my sister and I were (well, we still are) growing up. If Ava will want to play dress up and dolls, and Paige will think that’s too “immature” for her. I think about how when Paige will be 16 Ava will be 12, and possibly getting on her nerves by her desire to follow her around everywhere.

Then I come across them like this. Snuggled on Paige's bed, Paige reading a book to Ava and I realize it doesn’t matter. They are sisters. Sisters have a bond that years erase. Yes, they’ll have fights, and power struggles. But not because they’re 4 years apart. Natasha and I are 18 months apart and we went through that phase. No, it’ll be because they’re sisters.  I’m sure Paige will love teaching Ava all about hair, shoes (Paige LOVES shoes), make-up, and heaven forbid, maybe even boys!

My girls. I’m so thankful for them. For the joy they bring to my life. For having the privilege of being able to be THEIR mom, teacher, and friend. Because I’m hoping that what Paige decides to teach Ava some day, will be a reflection of what I’ve taught her.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Mom's can't get sick!

Hi everyone this is Jerem I have logged on here and Micah has no idea that I am doing this. I have never posted anything and I have no idea what I am doing so I hope that this turns out. Last night Micah came down with a bug that has put her down and out. She hardly got any sleep last night and she is just miserable. Today I didn't have to work so I am taking care of things around the house. Here is a small list of my day...I have changed dirty diapers, fed Ava, changed dirty diapers, fed Ava, turned the TV on so Paige would not bother me, Changed Ava's diaper, Fed Ava and Paige, did the dishes. Looked is the nicest day we have had this year so far...put Ava down for a nap, put Paige down for a nap...Looked outside and wished that I was fishing out on the lake...There are times when I tease Micah and tell her that all she does is eat Bonn Bonn's and sits on the couch watching TV or blogging. I know different, she works hard at being a mom and a wife. She also Loves the Lord with all her heart and I have grown spiritually because of her. I don't know what I would do with out my wife. She is the best friend that I have ever had. So here's to my wife I love you and I hope that you feel better soon...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Little Dancer

My brother and his wife finally got their pictures from their wedding last year. This was one of my favorite moments from the reception.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Power of Bargaining

Yesterday Anson and Paige were playing store and I heard this conversation.

Anson: "I want to buy these four books"

Paige: "Okay. That will be $169."

Anson: "WHAT?! No."

Paige: "Okay, $16."

Anson: (giggles) "No, I don't have that much"

Paige: "$3"

Anson: "No"

Paige: (sigh) "$2?"

Anson: "No"

Paige: "How 'bout you just tell me how much money you have"

Anson: "One dollar"

Paige: "Okay, one dollar then."

Hmmm....effective. Maybe I should keep this technique in mind as garage sale season starts.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I am not sure if our little girl will ever outgrow being called Paigey. It's wasn't even intentionally started, I spose most nicknames are like that. There was an elderly lady we knew who told me when Paige was born that it was too "hard" of a name. So she was going to calle her Paige E. since her middle name is Elizabeth. Well, it stuck. She is our little Paigey and will always be I'm sure.

She is such a big helper when it comes to Ava. She picks her up when she cries, feeds her so I have free hands. Even if half the cereal does end up on Ava's face. She carries her around by her armpits and although it looks terribly uncomfortable Ava always seems quite content with it.

 I'm not sure I've ever seen a child with as much of a love for stuffed animals as Paigey. She will sit and play with them for hours, okay maybe not hours. But it's quite awhile. I think she has too many, and somehow still seems to play with each one. She also tries to get me to buy new ones. You know, so her puppy can have a mommy and her unicorn can have a sister, and her frog HAS to have a baby brother. Good thing I'm not easily swayed when it comes to stuff like that, or else we'd have a houseful of animals.

She also loves to sit and "write" and do homework. She is so self-entertained. Much different than her big brother. I think that's about all on Paigey lately. Nothing too terribly exciting, which is probably a good thing!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Anson’s life has slowed down quite a bit now that hockey is over. He broke out his rollerblades right away though and has been playing a lot of street hockey, riding his bike, and playing with his neighbor friends. He was in desperate need of a haircut and kept asking for a Mohawk, so I let him have one for all of 30 seconds then cut it all off.








He is doing very well in school and seems to love every aspect of it. He likes to come home and read to us and is always sounding out random words he sees around. His teacher has the class keep journals each month and I love seeing what he comes up with. Here are a few pages from March.


Above: “I have lost three teeth” the picture is me pulling his tooth out.


Above: “I saw a deer. It was sitting by a tree”


Above: translation “ I went hunting with my dad and my dad shot a deer and the deer cried” he was remembering that from 2 years ago! Can’t wait to see what he comes up with for April

Monday, April 5, 2010

A little late

I didn’t get a 6 month post done of Ava, so I’ll give you a little update now. She is 6 1/2 months, and boy has it gone by fast! Last week she started scootin’ around. She’s not up on hands and knees crawling, she just rocks back and forth. But on her stomach, she can go! The other day she was very content in a corner she had scooted to and I finally checked on her. This is what I found!



One of the kids had left an open marker on the floor. And she thought it tasted pretty good! Some other things she’s up to.  She is enjoying solids finally and her favorite seems to be the Gerber mixed grain cereal and mashed potatoes. Haven’t tried much of anything else though either . :) As of Sunday night she started sleeping through the night!!!! First time since birth. She goes down about 8 and gets up about 8, gotta love that!

She definitely has a love for her siblings. Her face just lights up when they walk in the room and Paige has gotten into picking her up and going to the couch to hold her and play with her. I think that’s about all the excited news we have. Check back soon for updates on the other two!