Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I am not sure if our little girl will ever outgrow being called Paigey. It's wasn't even intentionally started, I spose most nicknames are like that. There was an elderly lady we knew who told me when Paige was born that it was too "hard" of a name. So she was going to calle her Paige E. since her middle name is Elizabeth. Well, it stuck. She is our little Paigey and will always be I'm sure.

She is such a big helper when it comes to Ava. She picks her up when she cries, feeds her so I have free hands. Even if half the cereal does end up on Ava's face. She carries her around by her armpits and although it looks terribly uncomfortable Ava always seems quite content with it.

 I'm not sure I've ever seen a child with as much of a love for stuffed animals as Paigey. She will sit and play with them for hours, okay maybe not hours. But it's quite awhile. I think she has too many, and somehow still seems to play with each one. She also tries to get me to buy new ones. You know, so her puppy can have a mommy and her unicorn can have a sister, and her frog HAS to have a baby brother. Good thing I'm not easily swayed when it comes to stuff like that, or else we'd have a houseful of animals.

She also loves to sit and "write" and do homework. She is so self-entertained. Much different than her big brother. I think that's about all on Paigey lately. Nothing too terribly exciting, which is probably a good thing!

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~ Tandis ~ said...

Beautiful little girl who is watching her Mama every day. :) Ava is blessed to have her!