Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Power of Bargaining

Yesterday Anson and Paige were playing store and I heard this conversation.

Anson: "I want to buy these four books"

Paige: "Okay. That will be $169."

Anson: "WHAT?! No."

Paige: "Okay, $16."

Anson: (giggles) "No, I don't have that much"

Paige: "$3"

Anson: "No"

Paige: (sigh) "$2?"

Anson: "No"

Paige: "How 'bout you just tell me how much money you have"

Anson: "One dollar"

Paige: "Okay, one dollar then."

Hmmm....effective. Maybe I should keep this technique in mind as garage sale season starts.

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