Saturday, March 27, 2010

Small Town Fun

One of the things I love about living where we do is our neighbors. We have a wonderful couple who live next door and have treated our kids like grandparents would. I realize that it is a blessing as everyone cannot say the same about those who inhabit the houses next door. (Yes, I’m thinking of you, Tandis). Marsha is always buying little treats for the kids and Bob is ever ready to let them “help” in his garden or take a spin around the yard on his mower. Yes, his mower. I told you I’d come back to this. You see, Bob and I have developed a friendly competition during the summer. I’m not even sure how it started. Although some view mowing as “mans” job, I really enjoy it. Jerem is more than willing to do it if needed, but I love the exercise and being out in the sun, helping with something that takes time away from his daddy time with the kids.

It’s always a race to see who gets the first “word” in with mowing. Last year Bob succeeded in firing up his while there was still plenty of snow on the ground and riding it over to our house. We got him back by writing in his lawn. (Jerem helped, of course). It didn’t rack up any lawn mowing points for me, since it doesn’t count when Jerem mows, only me. But it was fun to see his face.


(it’s upside down in the pic, but it says MICAH RULES.  Sigh, isn’t the green grass beautiful?)

I couldn’t let him have the first “word” this year. So while they were at work Jerem and I pushed HIS mower over to OUR yard, snapped a pic and stuck this in the mail.



Top Five Reasons Why You (and your yard) don’t stand a chance this year.

5. I am getting an early start this year (see photo)

4. I don’t work at Marvins or have my own launch business

3. I am more ambitious than you are

2. I have access to a great riding mower (see photo, again)

And the #1 reason why is……….


p.s. I still need your help to fix the rope on my mower.


Your Neighbor

I received a phone call a couple hours later wondering if I knew anything about a threatening letter he got in the mail and we had a good chuckle. So, I guess the battle has started for this year!

Monday, March 22, 2010







Try, (some more)


Try, (one more time)


AGAIN!!!!! So proud of our training-wheel-free girl!


Now to find a bigger bike for her. Garage sales, here we come!


How we welcomed spring this year.


Paige and Anson tested the water (or rather ice) levels and said our yard was safe from flooding.


Jerem attempted to burn some leaves. They were still a little too wet.


Bob (our neighbor) got his first mowing in. Him and I have a long-standing competition on mowing our yards. More on that later.


Ava was hanging out, eyeing the sandbox and thinking about how much sand she would eat this summer.


And I was the official first-day-of-spring photographer. Imagine that.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

When We Grow Up

Before I start I want to say that I am not trying to copy this wonderful blog. These are some thoughts that I’ve been thinking on, which happen to be somewhat similar to something she wrote about recently.

Last week I was with a couple of dear friends. I’m so thankful to have Sarah and Jill in my life both as girlfriends and fellow moms. The Lord has really blessed me with their friendship. We were all heading to Grand Forks for the day. (Kid free I might add, well, except for Ava). We started talking about if we could do it all over again, what we would go to college for and what our dream job would be. Sarah started us off by saying she would love to be a hairstylist at a high end salon. Jill wishes she had gone to school for fashion design, and I would love to go to pastry school and learn how to make gourmet baked goods. So here’s what we decided. After our kids are grown up and gone we will open the ultimate escape for women. A 3-in-1. First the client would go to Sarah for a new hairstyle/color etc. While their color is setting they can come and get a pastry and cup of tea or coffee. After that, they’ll need to make a visit to Jill’s fashion shop to have their clothes let out. Or maybe have her design some new ones, a little bigger perhaps. Doesn’t it sound like the ideal place?

As I thought about it more, and the humor we found in creating such a place, I realized that those are all things we do or can do in our life as a mom. How many times do we do our daughters hair? Trying new styles, teaching them to keep it looking nice. In this day in age we have a wonderful opportunity to show our daughters how they can dress modestly while still being very fashionable. We don’t have to put them in jean jumpers and turtlenecks, we can show them how to dress in today's styles in a way that’s honoring to the Lord. And possibly the most obvious, letting our children help in the kitchen.

DSCF2176 DSCF2178

Even if its just a simple batch of chocolate chip cookies, to them it’s definitely a gourmet treat!


Looks like I need to practice on the hair part though.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Old shades and curtains purchased 5 years ago = $50

2010_03080026 2010_03080027

Fabric for new curtains = $26


Time spent sewing curtains = 4 hrs


New curtains that we don’t need blinds with = priceless

(for about 5 years anyway)

2010_03080028 2010_03080029


Paige wants to say a big thank you to Lindsey, Alyssa, and Carly for her new addition to her room. I personally think every little girl needs one of these at some point in her life. Thanks for passing it on, I’m sure she’ll have lots of fun with it!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mr. Conversationalist

I love to discover the differences in my children. Last night it was just Anson, Ava, and I heading to hockey. Anson carried on conversations with me the entire way. Fast forward to this morning. Paige and I were going to ladies Bible study and she was quite content to sit and talk to herself and her ponies. She could've cared less if I was in the car. Here is one of the conversations Anson and I had.

A: Mom, what is static?

M: Its when things stick straight up? (no, I wasn't really paying attention at this point)

A: Oh, so the trees, they're static.

M: No, static is when the air is really dry and like when you rubbed the baloon on your head? Remember? Your hair stood up.Trees are made to stand up straight, it has nothing to do with static.

A: Well if it has nothing to do with static, and they're supposed to stand up straight, why are some trees laying down?

M: Because some of them have died, or gotten knocked over, or people might knock them down. Some people cut up trees and use it to heat their houses

A: I know. 'Cause Uncle Dan (dan holen) did that when I was at thier house. He cut up some nice trees. You know who else cut up a tree? George Washington, he cut up a cherry tree. (pause) Hey mom. It's Dr. Seuss's birthday this week. Is he going to invite us over?

M: No, he's dead

A: Then why are we celebrating his birthday if he's dead?

M: To show respect and to remember him. Like the presidents. Remember how you celebrated Abraham Lincolns birthday? (okay...before I even write the next part I realize how incredibly DUMB it was of me to say) And Jesus, we celebrate His birthday

A: Well ye-ah. Jesus isn't dead mom. You know that. He's alive. And He's right next to us all the time. You know whats really cool? Jesus can split off. He is next to me and He can split off and be all the way down in Missouri next to Oma and Papa too!He can be in more then one place at the same time! (pause) Hey mom, what are we going to do when we have too many kids to fit in our car?

Oh boy. What a kid! I just love him so much, and all the things he comes up with.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

I’m so thankful that 34 years ago today a beautiful baby boy was born to Denis and Margie Haack. I have been blessed with a loving husband and wonderful father to our children.

Thursday night at about 4 pm I decided to throw together a little party for him. Honestly, it was more for the kids. They get very worried if a birthday is not recognized and I knew we’d be busy tonight. So Paige and I whipped up a chiffon cake, Anson cleaned the living room and set the table. Jerem was pleasantly surprised when he came home. The kids insisted on hiding and jumping  out to “surprise daddy”.


(the chalkboard cupboards are great for impromptu “cards”)