Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mr. Conversationalist

I love to discover the differences in my children. Last night it was just Anson, Ava, and I heading to hockey. Anson carried on conversations with me the entire way. Fast forward to this morning. Paige and I were going to ladies Bible study and she was quite content to sit and talk to herself and her ponies. She could've cared less if I was in the car. Here is one of the conversations Anson and I had.

A: Mom, what is static?

M: Its when things stick straight up? (no, I wasn't really paying attention at this point)

A: Oh, so the trees, they're static.

M: No, static is when the air is really dry and like when you rubbed the baloon on your head? Remember? Your hair stood up.Trees are made to stand up straight, it has nothing to do with static.

A: Well if it has nothing to do with static, and they're supposed to stand up straight, why are some trees laying down?

M: Because some of them have died, or gotten knocked over, or people might knock them down. Some people cut up trees and use it to heat their houses

A: I know. 'Cause Uncle Dan (dan holen) did that when I was at thier house. He cut up some nice trees. You know who else cut up a tree? George Washington, he cut up a cherry tree. (pause) Hey mom. It's Dr. Seuss's birthday this week. Is he going to invite us over?

M: No, he's dead

A: Then why are we celebrating his birthday if he's dead?

M: To show respect and to remember him. Like the presidents. Remember how you celebrated Abraham Lincolns birthday? (okay...before I even write the next part I realize how incredibly DUMB it was of me to say) And Jesus, we celebrate His birthday

A: Well ye-ah. Jesus isn't dead mom. You know that. He's alive. And He's right next to us all the time. You know whats really cool? Jesus can split off. He is next to me and He can split off and be all the way down in Missouri next to Oma and Papa too!He can be in more then one place at the same time! (pause) Hey mom, what are we going to do when we have too many kids to fit in our car?

Oh boy. What a kid! I just love him so much, and all the things he comes up with.


~ Tandis ~ said...

VERY CUTE!! I wouldn't guess that about Paige though. She looks...as if looks tell how a person will act... anyway... she seems like she'd be a little chatterbox with people. A social butterfly?

Hannah said...

That's soo funny and cute! I'm looking forward to when Abigail gets a little older and we can have some interesting conversations! :)

christa said...

this is great! i love hearing kids' conversations!!

MommaMindy said...

I loved hearing this conversation! Kids are so randomly intelligent, it is just amazing how their little brains flit from one thing to the next in a crazy, logical way. He is so adorable!

Arlen said...

This is too cute! I can completely see Anson in this conversation too!! Reminds me of Jace!! Who, by the way, will most likely be spending most of the summer at G'ma and G'pa Block's house!! Yeah! Anson will have a playmate for most of the summer!!