Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Old shades and curtains purchased 5 years ago = $50

2010_03080026 2010_03080027

Fabric for new curtains = $26


Time spent sewing curtains = 4 hrs


New curtains that we don’t need blinds with = priceless

(for about 5 years anyway)

2010_03080028 2010_03080029


Brent and Lisa said...

Micah-These are awesome!! :) Great job. They look so nice.

Jill said...

Very sharp- looks like they really match the wall paint, love the black added to them. Also the wall decor and cool hanging lamp. Glad you shared with us!

~ Tandis ~ said...

Very nice!!!!!! Even if they did cost a little more it's fun to freshen up a tired look a little. :)

Jill O. said...

The curtains turned out great!!! You're always so good at finding a deal...wish I could do that!!! Love the new look!!!

Micah said...

Thanks everyone! Actually tandis they were suprisingly cheaper. the 26 was for 4 windows! woohoo! couldn't have even bought 2 curtains for that price

christa said...

the windows look awesome, Micah!!