Saturday, March 27, 2010

Small Town Fun

One of the things I love about living where we do is our neighbors. We have a wonderful couple who live next door and have treated our kids like grandparents would. I realize that it is a blessing as everyone cannot say the same about those who inhabit the houses next door. (Yes, I’m thinking of you, Tandis). Marsha is always buying little treats for the kids and Bob is ever ready to let them “help” in his garden or take a spin around the yard on his mower. Yes, his mower. I told you I’d come back to this. You see, Bob and I have developed a friendly competition during the summer. I’m not even sure how it started. Although some view mowing as “mans” job, I really enjoy it. Jerem is more than willing to do it if needed, but I love the exercise and being out in the sun, helping with something that takes time away from his daddy time with the kids.

It’s always a race to see who gets the first “word” in with mowing. Last year Bob succeeded in firing up his while there was still plenty of snow on the ground and riding it over to our house. We got him back by writing in his lawn. (Jerem helped, of course). It didn’t rack up any lawn mowing points for me, since it doesn’t count when Jerem mows, only me. But it was fun to see his face.


(it’s upside down in the pic, but it says MICAH RULES.  Sigh, isn’t the green grass beautiful?)

I couldn’t let him have the first “word” this year. So while they were at work Jerem and I pushed HIS mower over to OUR yard, snapped a pic and stuck this in the mail.



Top Five Reasons Why You (and your yard) don’t stand a chance this year.

5. I am getting an early start this year (see photo)

4. I don’t work at Marvins or have my own launch business

3. I am more ambitious than you are

2. I have access to a great riding mower (see photo, again)

And the #1 reason why is……….


p.s. I still need your help to fix the rope on my mower.


Your Neighbor

I received a phone call a couple hours later wondering if I knew anything about a threatening letter he got in the mail and we had a good chuckle. So, I guess the battle has started for this year!


~ Tandis ~ said...

That's hilarious! What wonderful neighbors to have. I will try not to be jealous. ;) That's a blessing for your kids with grandparents so far away.

MommaMindy said...

That's a nice kinda' battle to have between neighbors. So glad you are blessed with good neighbors.

jess said...

So cute. I'm sure you bless them each and every day taking time to befriend older neighbors and treat them like real friends. It's a dying thing to have "older friends" but I think it's a priceless commodity with many rewards.

Jill O. said...

This is so funny!!! I love that you wrote in his guys are so creative! Have a great mowing season.

christa said...

You guys are hilarious! Pretty talented too to be able to write in the lawn like that!! So nice to have great neighbors!