Thursday, May 27, 2010

Like A Child


We are all familiar with the verse in Matthew 18 that talks about us humbling ourselves like children. “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” I have always thought of this verse and taken it for the context I believe it was written. We all should have the simplistic faith of a child. I mean, a child doesn’t question the fact that all we have to do is believe that Christ died for our sins and that and that alone is what saves us. As an adult you start thinking about all that YOU have to do to get to heaven, when its as easy as a child sees it. We are told to believe, so believe.


Lately I have been having some other thoughts on this verse. I’m not trying to take it out of context, but I think it has taught me an important lesson this last week. I started comparing my children’s reactions to mine in simple, daily things, and was ashamed of what I found.

spring day 007

Paige and Ava were taking a bath and while I was watching them Paige wanted to wash my feet. She didn’t just wash them, she SCRUBBED them. ( I had been outside in dirt with flip-flops). I asked if she wanted to be done after about 10 minutes and she cheerfully replied, “no, I’ll keep doing it, they are still dirty”. Man, if that were me I would be like, “you want ME to do WHAT?!”

Paige and Anson wanted me to take them for a bike ride. I told them I would once the house was clean. Their response? “Okay mom, come on, we’ll help you and it will be done really fast”. When what do I do? Just dread the idea of cleaning and not always do it cheerfully.

This one might be a little humorous, but still true. Do kids ever complain if they are told, “no quiet/naptime today. You can go outside and play”? NO! They joyfully run outside before I can change my mind. If I have to miss out on a little of my “quiet” afternoon time I get grouchy.

spring day 034

So that’s been my challenge this week. Tackle the day from the perspective my kids see it. I realize as an adult and parent I have been given the added responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean I can’t approach things with a spirit of joy and willingness like my kids.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Father/Son Retreat – By Anson

My favoritist thing was when I went fishing.

I went in the pumpkin and it was smelly and cold. I would not like to stay there.

They made cheeseburgers, my favorite!

I liked it when Mr.. Warren used imaginary maps about God’s children in the wilderness.

I liked when I got to try coke and pepsi in the car.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Heads Up

Wanted to let you know, those of you that are wondering. I have changed my comments settings. So if you don't see it appear right away, don't worry. It's there! I just have it so I can preview it first to keep from getting ones from people I don't know about inappropriate things. Thanks!

It strikes me as funny, (not haha funny, but interesting funny) the things that scare me now vs when I was growing up. As in, when I was a kid vs a mom. Have you ever thought about it? I have. Like puke. I have said before the thought of cleaning up someone elses partially digested food scared, worried, and grossed me out. I also wasn’t a big fan of blood, I could deal with it, but didn’t really know what to do.

Something that did NOT scare me was heights. I was the chief tree climber in our family. The one that wanted to go to the highest level at the state capitol building. You know, that level way up in the dome? Somewhere along the way that changed. Now something like this scares me.

spring day 005

A little bridge, for the kids to throw sticks from on walks and run to the other side to watch them come out. Do I see like this? NO! From my vantage point, (about 2 feet above the kids’) this is what I see. “Hey Paige! Come on!!” She runs, all excited, can’t stop and loses her balance. Or they go to sit on the edge, and lean too far over and well…I don’t want to think about. See how my mind works?

I realize there are a few things I am forgetting.

1. With age (and motherhood?) the sense of balance is thrown off. I can’t even swing anymore without getting dizzy.

2. I am 2 feet taller. At least. That’s 2 more feet to lean over the edge…they merely lean inches.

3. If they DO happed to fall, I’m not afraid of blood anymore. And it’s not THAT far of a fall. But to a mom…well anything higher than 2 feet is too far for your child to fall. Am I right, moms?

So I’ve decided. I will let them continue to play at this bridge. And because I cannot keep from gasping as they run to the edge I’ll just go to the bottom and wait. Just in case. :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


As most of you know from my excited FB postings Jerem recently got hired into a new position at Marvin Windows. A little background for those unfamiliar with his job. He started there after graduating high school – 15 years ago. Wow! (On a side note, yes he robbed the cradle, 15 years for one company seems like a long time to me). He began in production working out on the plant floor and over 10 years moved into lead positions, quality control, and perhaps some others I am forgetting. About 5 years ago he was well into working on his Associates degree and saw an opening for a drafter/designer in the engineering dept. He applied and got the job. He was so excited to be in a field that challenged him mentally and enabled him to work on projects with others. He has great PR. :) His supervisors quickly saw that he was someone who was driven and gave him more responsibilities with acquiring custom equipment from outside sources. A couple months ago he told me he was starting to get bored in his job, and didn’t feel like it was challenging anymore. Not too long after a position opened up that he applied for. And he got it! His new job is a Reliability Engineer. Basically the way I understand it best is he is the Engineer for Maintenance, Electrical, the Break Down crew, and the Tool and Dye shop. He will deal with the people he used to work with a lot along with maintenance acting as a bridge of sorts between the two. Which is great since Jerem gets along well with both and foresees bringing the two depts. closer together.

We of course wanted to celebrate, but decided to do it an economical way. So he picked up some steaks on the way home, I fed the kids and started a movie for them in their room. Jerem grilled, I made pasta salad and we had a very nice quiet meal together. Much better than any restaurant we would have gone to. Yes, it only lasted about 20 minutes before we got interrupted, but it was so worth it!


Monday, May 10, 2010

My Day


Jerem and the kids did a great job of making me feel extra special this mothers day. I feel like my day started on Saturday when Jerem watched Anson and Paige so Jill and I could go over to Roseau to do some garage sale-ing! It was so much fun being able to go at our pace and have the whole van to pack to the top with our loot, and believe me we did!

The kids went and picked out flowers and a pretty hanging basket and then with daddy’s supervision planted the flowers for me. Jerem says I have to have at least one hanging basket to kill. (I am not known for my green thumb).

Jerem made the day great by planning breakfast, AND lunch. And neither were eaten out, he cooked. And he’s a great cook too. I try and tell him that often so he catches on and does it more. :) I love getting spoiled by his grilling.

Sunday was finished off with a nice evening walk and Jerem staying home with a very crabby baby while the other two and I went to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks at Keith and Sarah’s. What a great day! I am so lucky to have a husband and kids who make sure that I feel special on Mothers day!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Fell in Love…

with this dress


But couldn’t justify spending $50 on a dress I didn’t know if I’d like in person. SO I decided to break out my machine. And made this dress

dress 008

But I can’t decide what color ribbon. Help please?

dress 012

dress 013