Friday, May 14, 2010

It strikes me as funny, (not haha funny, but interesting funny) the things that scare me now vs when I was growing up. As in, when I was a kid vs a mom. Have you ever thought about it? I have. Like puke. I have said before the thought of cleaning up someone elses partially digested food scared, worried, and grossed me out. I also wasn’t a big fan of blood, I could deal with it, but didn’t really know what to do.

Something that did NOT scare me was heights. I was the chief tree climber in our family. The one that wanted to go to the highest level at the state capitol building. You know, that level way up in the dome? Somewhere along the way that changed. Now something like this scares me.

spring day 005

A little bridge, for the kids to throw sticks from on walks and run to the other side to watch them come out. Do I see like this? NO! From my vantage point, (about 2 feet above the kids’) this is what I see. “Hey Paige! Come on!!” She runs, all excited, can’t stop and loses her balance. Or they go to sit on the edge, and lean too far over and well…I don’t want to think about. See how my mind works?

I realize there are a few things I am forgetting.

1. With age (and motherhood?) the sense of balance is thrown off. I can’t even swing anymore without getting dizzy.

2. I am 2 feet taller. At least. That’s 2 more feet to lean over the edge…they merely lean inches.

3. If they DO happed to fall, I’m not afraid of blood anymore. And it’s not THAT far of a fall. But to a mom…well anything higher than 2 feet is too far for your child to fall. Am I right, moms?

So I’ve decided. I will let them continue to play at this bridge. And because I cannot keep from gasping as they run to the edge I’ll just go to the bottom and wait. Just in case. :)


~ Tandis ~ said...

Hahaha! My favorite line "I'll just go to the bottom and wait. Just in case." You're funny. I got this mental picture of you standing in the creek with your pants folded up, Ava in a front pack... waiting... !
Great blog. I was a fearless kid too. We had so much fun doing crazy things. As a parent though, added with some wisdom and now I fear some of the very things I did. You're a good Mom, I'm sure you let them do a good amount of "scary" to let them be happy. :)

~ Tandis ~ said...

What?! Urg. Just left a great big comment and it didn't post. :(

Anyway, you gave me a good laugh with your "I'll just go to the bottom and wait. Just in case." :)

What a good Mom you are!