Thursday, March 31, 2011

When Mommy Leaves

This weekend I am getting away for my first official “girls only” weekend down in the cities. That’s right. No kids. No husband. No cooking. You get the idea. Some of the girls from the Block side of the family decided to meet up down there for a little (okay lotta) shopping and eating.

I told the kids last night that I would be leaving on Friday and daddy was watching them. When I told Paige she looked a little worried. “What if I have a tummy ache? Daddy might not know what to do.” Almost broke my heart. Almost. Not enough for me to change plans. I assured her even daddy knows what to do when a tummy hurts. Then I went and told Anson. He asked what day I was leaving. I told him Friday morning. “Oh. You can leave Thursday if you want.” (giggling the whole time) “Why? Because daddy is SO much more fun than me? And you guys go crazy when I leave?” (more giggling) “Yeah, its SOOO much fun when its us and daddy” At least I don’t have to worry about him missing me too much. I’m so glad I have a guy that is willing to stay home alone ALL weekend with three little kids. I think HE’LL be needing a guys weekend after this!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I know, I know. I’m really failing at this blogging thing. Jerem keeps checking the blog to see if I’ve done a new post, I figure I at least better give him  something to look at.

I’m going to start with a little background. Anson has been asking for a Nintendo DSi XL for about a year now. When he received some birthday money we explained how he could start saving for one and buy one himself. He thought that was a great idea and put the money in his savings account. He helped me clean at a business I clean from time to time to earn more. It slowly added up. Jerem and I knew we had the big drive to Missouri coming up, and Anson was SO close to how much he needed we decided to help him out a little so he had something to play with on the way down. He received his DS 3 days before our trip. Talk about one excited little boy. We are going to pause here and switch over to Paige.

Paige has been asking for a pillow pet since Christmas when ALL her friends got one. First she wanted a unicorn, until she realized a puppy was an option, then she wanted a puppy. She LOVES puppies. She probably asked for a pillow pet once a week since Christmas.

Anson got his DS. Suddenly that started looking pretty cool to her. “Dad, can I have a DS AND a pillow pet for my birthday?” (Don’t you like how she just assumed she would be getting a pillow pet for her birthday?) Dad, “I don’t know Paige, probably not. Lets say you had to pick one, which one would you want?” “If I could only have one I would pick a pillow pet”. Gotta love how she has NO concept of cost and value here.

Fast forward to the rehearsal for my brother’s wedding. I had clued Kim (sister-in-law) in on her desire for the pillow pet, and Paige being the flower girl was bound to receive a gift for that job.


Pure happiness. She has not let that puppy leave her sight! Although on the way home she was very good about offering it to Ava to play with. 199298_1610345386358_1467948768_31259201_5412588_n

Don’t you love how well they play…er…ignore each other after not seeing each other for almost a year?!



Love this one…I’m sure 10 years from now at graduation it will be pulled back out. hehe.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy (Jerem)!!!

March 1st snuck up on me this year, I’m not even going to lie. Usually I’m very on top of Jerem’s birthday, but this year, not so much. I had planned out what to get him and got it. The day before. Anson was home from school with strep but on the mend so he was all about “projects” yesterday. We decided to have a “fancy” restaurant supper. Jerem picked the menu: Grilled steak, Fries, Pasta Salad. Sounds like someone’s ready for summer.

So, Anson and I got the “restaurant” all ready.


We were all dressed “fancy” and waiting for daddy to arrive.


Our waiter and waitress. They were going to sit by the bar counter since the “help” doesn’t usually sit with the guests, but we made an exception.


Birthday spankings. All 35 of them!!!


Ava has figured out how to blow out candles, so she got to help.



Happy Birthday Honey!!! Love you