Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy (Jerem)!!!

March 1st snuck up on me this year, I’m not even going to lie. Usually I’m very on top of Jerem’s birthday, but this year, not so much. I had planned out what to get him and got it. The day before. Anson was home from school with strep but on the mend so he was all about “projects” yesterday. We decided to have a “fancy” restaurant supper. Jerem picked the menu: Grilled steak, Fries, Pasta Salad. Sounds like someone’s ready for summer.

So, Anson and I got the “restaurant” all ready.


We were all dressed “fancy” and waiting for daddy to arrive.


Our waiter and waitress. They were going to sit by the bar counter since the “help” doesn’t usually sit with the guests, but we made an exception.


Birthday spankings. All 35 of them!!!


Ava has figured out how to blow out candles, so she got to help.



Happy Birthday Honey!!! Love you


~ Tandis ~ said... thought March 1st snuck up on you?! Well, I thought, until I read this blog, that TODAY (Wednesday) was March 1st. :) Hahaha. Thanks for straightening me out.

What a fun family to do a restaurant dinner at home to celebrate. So much less expensive and a lot more fun since it was especially worked on by each family member.

MommaMindy said...

Looks like you were on the top of it to me! Love how you made it so special! So fun to see pics of your blessed family. Your house looks SO big! I know you're loving all the room.

christa said...

I love how Paige is still wearing her t-shirt under her dress! Way to keep it real! haha. Happy Birthday, Jerem!

Jill O. said...

Everything looks so great!!! What a wonderful idea!!! By the way, tell the "help" that they look very professional! Happy Birthday Jerem!!!!!