Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Program

This past Sunday was the chapel's annual Christmas Program. Paige had her piano debut with a little duet part played by yours truly. We are so proud of her getting up in front of people for the first time and playing Away In A Manger.

The Sunday School class (with help from young adults) worked very hard on a skit. Anson and Paige were the brother and sister of the story and did a great job memorizing ALL their lines. In the picture below they are waiting for their que and getting into character. You know, arguing :)

Jill snapped a quick family picture as we were leaving, always fun to get one taken when we're all dressed up. Jerem already had his coat and hat on and tried to get away with leaving it on for the picture, but Jill wouldn't allow it. Thanks Jill!

Besties-Paige and Chloe


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Too Cute

Thad is over for the day to spend some time with Ava. These two are great buds and have so much fun together. I think Thad won the messy face contest with the donut snack. Who wants to stay with healthy snacks on a snowy day?? Not us!

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