Monday, August 26, 2013

Photos by Ava Lou

Ava recently won a camera at our chapel's VBS program. I have yet to put an SD card in it, so it's limited to about 10 pictures. I was saving some really cute ones she took but I think someone else got ahold of the camera and deleted most of them :( .

Below: Her first selfie. I about died when I found this, so serious and focused.

She let Paige take a picture of her and our pile of camping stuff. More on that trip next time.


I'm not sure if Anson or Chloe took this one, its super blurry but oh so cute!

Apparently she liked the way the muffins looked Saturday morning.

We had a nice visit from 2 of my Aunts last week. Ava had to snap a picture of Aunt Kathy. More on their visit later.

Her camera is waterproof so she's taking it to the pool today..THAT should be interesting :)
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Monday, August 19, 2013

Biscuits and Dancing

Last week Paige had a friend over for the day. They had so much fun together! At the end of the day they made biscuits for supper. Paige is becoming quite the little cook, so she had fun showing Kenzie what to do.

Of course, every baking endeavor needs a dancing break.

Having our kids make "good" friends in school (in the world we live it today-not easy!) is something that Jerem and I pray a lot about. We are so thankful she has a group of friends that are helpful, polite, and like to use their imaginations!
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