Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Girls


Sometimes I worry about the 4 years between Ava and Paige. I wonder if they’ll be close like my sister and I were (well, we still are) growing up. If Ava will want to play dress up and dolls, and Paige will think that’s too “immature” for her. I think about how when Paige will be 16 Ava will be 12, and possibly getting on her nerves by her desire to follow her around everywhere.

Then I come across them like this. Snuggled on Paige's bed, Paige reading a book to Ava and I realize it doesn’t matter. They are sisters. Sisters have a bond that years erase. Yes, they’ll have fights, and power struggles. But not because they’re 4 years apart. Natasha and I are 18 months apart and we went through that phase. No, it’ll be because they’re sisters.  I’m sure Paige will love teaching Ava all about hair, shoes (Paige LOVES shoes), make-up, and heaven forbid, maybe even boys!

My girls. I’m so thankful for them. For the joy they bring to my life. For having the privilege of being able to be THEIR mom, teacher, and friend. Because I’m hoping that what Paige decides to teach Ava some day, will be a reflection of what I’ve taught her.


~ Tandis ~ said...

Precious :)
What a beautiful blog post. I especially love your last sentence. I am sure that since you are giving them a solid spiritual upbringing that they will no doubt, follow close in their Mother's footsteps.
I agree, sisters are a friendship that want it or not, it's there, no matter what. Faithful and true. Just wait until someone tries to pick on Ava... Paige will fly to rescue her. It is then you see true colors even if they aren't getting along. The love/hate of sisters. Lovely. :) I am thankful for all 4 of mine!

The Roli Poli's said...

This is beautiful!!! The picture brings a smile to my face :)

Jill O. said...

I really like this post. Such great thoughts on sisters. I never had a sister myself, so I often wonder how that bond will be for my girls, and how I will have never experienced it. Thanks for sharing!

Katie said...

Love this post Micah!! There is something special about sisters! Don't worry at all Anna is my best friend and she is five years my junior. It is a special bond that now as a mom I can hardly wait to see fully develop in my girls too!

christa said...

such a cute picture!! i miss my girlies - come down and visit soon!!!