Friday, December 4, 2009

Gingerbread Nightmares

Paige’s class at school is having a gingerbread man hunt this month. I think she was a little confused about it, because Wednesday she came home from school with a cutout of a gingerbread man and said, “mom, if you see him while I’m sleeping, tell me. Okay?” The following is the conversation that just now took place.

Me (in a somewhat urgent voice) : “Paige! Have you see the gingerbread man at night yet?”

Paige (in a whiny more terrified voice) : “Nooooo…and I don’t want to see him”

Me: “Why?”

Paige (whimpering now) : “because he runs really fast and I don’t think I like him”

Anson : “Paige…you know you have to find clues right? At school?”

Paige: “You mean I don’t have to find him here at home?”

Anson (laughing like he knows it all) : “No Paige..its just while you’re at school”

Paige (giggling now) : “Oh..okay…I thought he would be here at home, but school is okay”

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~ Tandis ~ said...

Haha cute. Poor thing was nervous though. Good brother to help her out.