Thursday, August 20, 2009

36 weeks, 28 days, 4 weeks

Whichever way I look at it...I'm getting down to the end! I'm officially 36 weeks pregnant which means I have 4 weeks left! Woohoo. Of course in my pregnancy state of mind I'm HOPING I'll go early, but seeing as how that didn't happen with Anson or Paige I probably won't. I'll just resign myself to getting larger and larger and smiling with a shake of the head when strangers ask if I'm SURE I'm not having twins. Yes, its happened more then you'd guess.

I'm spending my 36th week in a very enjoyable way though. The kids and I drove to Rochester for the week to spend some end-of-summer days with grandpa and grandma. Of course me and my wild imagination had conjured up all sorts of scenarios of me going into labor on the way here, which surprise surprise, never happened. It doesn't take the kids long to remember whose house they're at either. Anson one day, wanted another cookie, we were trying to get him to actually ASK for it. His response? "Well, I already know grandma will give it to me, cause she gives me everything I want." We are all getting very rested though, especially me who has not been allowed to lift a finger to cook or anything, I could see myself getting used to this! :)

Hopefully only a couple more posts from me before I'll be posting about the arrival of our little girl! We can't wait!


Katie said...

Aren't grandmas the best!! Hope that you have a great week and that the next couple of them go by fast...for your sake. I hated those last few weeks, but never got all I wanted accomplished!! Can't wait for the big post with lots of pictures!! :)

christa said...

I'm praying you have her on or before Labor Day weekend!! Even if it takes running a couple miles or a pretty intense aerobics session......we'll get that little girl to come early :) maybe a few jumps on the trampoline?!?! haha.

Denis Haack said...

It was such a grand visit, and Anson and Paige were a total delight. You must do this again, Micah, though I realize next time it'll mean bringing three instead of two. The time went too quickly and we loved it. And yes, Anson, you can another cookie. So can Paige.

Jill said...

Yahhh! We've almost made it, is everyone getting excited at your house too?! I figure I have a week more than you to go. But in full nesting mode here, lots of little things to do, how bout' you?