Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Project Day


The previous owners of our house left us a great swing set. The kids were so excited to have something bigger to play on. With all the wind lately I noticed the tarp on top was really getting shredded and not working so great. I remembered that a few years ago I bought some awning fabric in for a different project that never came to be. There were many times shuffling things around in the trailer that I thought about just pitching it, but couldn’t bring myself to “just in case”. So, I decided the cover for the playground was what I would tackle yesterday afternoon. (Notice my super heavy duty, park grade, yellow baby swing? My fun goodwill find for $5 WITH the chain).

swingset 001

I even did it right and sewed the fabric together instead of just overlapping it. Come on mom, I know you’re impressed.

swingset 007

In bit precarious of a position because no I did NOT do this right and get the ladder. About 10 minutes later I did because I was in fear for my life and didn’t want to scar my children forever by them seeing me fall.

swingset 008

All done! Now THAT was a workout!! I love it though. Not sure how long it’ll hold up, but I have plenty more fabric where that came from.

swingset 018


~ Tandis ~ said...

Good for you! It looks nicer than the old one too as it blends nicely with the outdoors. :)

MommaMindy said...

Awesome! You did a great job. If we lived a little closer, I would bring Beka over to play.