Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bugs and Sharks

Today is the first positively gorgeous, almost summer feeling, day. I've been telling the kids all winter that when the snow was gone we could set up Anson's shark tent he got for his birthday. Today was that day!

The tent really isn't that difficult to construct, two poles-that's it. Sounds easy enough, right? The problem is from the mouth to the back end it's about 6 feet, and you have to get to the back to attach the pole. So while I was inside the shark trying to get it in the right hole I hear a bloody murder scream coming from Paige. "Get it off! Get it off!" I made a quick retreat from the tent to find a tiny, (and I mean tiny) bug on her arm. I killed it. Anson looked and Paige and said, "awww, did you have a bug on you? Mwwaahahahaha!!!" (I kid you not...his laugh exactly). Paige: "Anson, are you the bug master?" A: "Yes..and I'm a huge bug that's gonna eat you too". (More screaming from Paige). Big brothers. This all coming from the kid who had to wear a stocking hat to bed every summer until he was 3 so bugs wouldn't get in his ears.


Jill O. said...

I love the tent, where did you find it?!?

Micah said...

My mom got it...I'll have to ask her

christa said...

that's HILARIOUS! anson's such a tough guy now! he's going to hate those stories from when he was scared of everything! haha