Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Little Love Reminders

So often my children teach me lessons I am slow to learn. The kids surprised me with this little cluster of white flowers they picked off a tree in our back yard. All spring it's been dandelions, this was a nice change. Not that I mind dandelions, after all to the kids they're flowers too. This morning I was reading in Romans 12 and came across the verse, "Love must be sincere". How often as a mom do I snap at the kids or not take the time to give them attention because I'm busy with my "agenda". Yet, they in their little minds remember me, that I like flowers, and that maybe it would be a nice surprise for me. What a good reminder for me to be sincere in every aspect of love I show as a mom and wife.
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Jill said...

Beautiful- the flowers and thoughts. I fully agree. I received one yellow looking daisy through the patio window from Carly today. She was so pleased I put it in a pretty vase front and center on the table. They are indeed little people too and absolutely deserve our love and respect, may God help us to be patient and kind.

Tandis said...

Sniff. I needed that today. Last night was a hard long night with my girls. I lost my cool over and over with them. Today I feel disappointed with myself. Your blog today was very helpful to me.