Wednesday, July 29, 2009

From Cowgirl to Princess

Paige had a big week this last one. We celebrated her birthday the 17th with a cowgirl/boy themed party. I was determined to not do a theme this year, but she just loves horses and kept asking so we threw one together! It was a fun night of burger/dogs, a fire, and pin the tail on the donkey. We were lucky enough that the Martinson kids were still up visiting so they got to come to the party to! The following Thursday found us leaving at 5 am for Springfield Missouri to attend my brother's wedding. After 16 hours of driving we made it there Friday afternoon to a whirlwind of rehearsal, swimming, wedding, more swimming and heading back home Sunday. The kids are amazing car travelers. Maybe it's because they're so used to it seeing that any time we get in the car to visit grandparents it's for a day or more. We got home early Monday morning (1am) and took all of monday to try and recover.

Paige is really enjoying this flower girl stuff. It's her second wedding this year and she seems to think she's an expert at it now. She was already talking about the next time she's a flower girl, even though there's no other weddings in sight for our family!
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christa said...

what a fun party! yeehaw. and her flower girl dress is super adorable!!

~ Tandis ~ said...

Beautiful new pictures. You guys have had quite the summer. Such fun! The kids are looking so old - I look forward to the day I can meet them. Oct. 9 or 10? :) :)