Monday, October 11, 2010

Potato Days

Every year about this time Williams, MN has what they call Potato Days. We never really got involved except to watch the little parade that come right by our house. We’re at the end of the route, which usually means lots of extra candy! Since we were all selling stuff this year we decided to let the others in on our little secret of our house being the prime candy route. So the Blocks, Olsons, Martinsons, and Haacks convened at 325 Park Ave.

baking 002

I was starting to get a little worried that I over-exaggerated our location being good after two floats and very little candy. And then nothing…like…the parade was over.

baking 004

At least the beautiful reigning Potato Day queen had saved some candy for us. But wait…whats that? 5 minutes later more floats start coming and we hear someone yell, “Do you guys like candy?”

“YEAH!!!!” about 15 kids screamed

baking 006

And it rained candy. So much so that Derek had to get out the shop broom to get it off the street before the next float.

baking 007

Sophie was NOT giving hers up for anything!

Next year I have a feeling this place won’t be our little secret anymore.


~ Tandis ~ said...

Oh what a fun event to share with so many good friends!!
Wouldn't it just figure that the year you invite people over that a freak candy'less event would take place? I'm glad the slow-poke floats came through for the kids. :)

MommaMindy said...

Ooh, I loved taking my kids to parades when they were younger. Out here, in the liberal PNW, I don't dare. I'm always worried about what causes people will be promoting. I would love to sit in your driveway and be showered with candy!

Jill O. said...

Unfortunately we won't be able to use that secret spot next year...BUMMER!!!

Michelle said...

Fun!!! Cute pic of Sophie!:)