Thursday, November 4, 2010

Off Schedule

I have found that nothing good happens when I don’t do things in my usual routine. My usual routine as of late would be to get up at 5, work out, read my bible, get the kids up and Jerem reads them their devotion before getting ready for school, breakfast, etc. Well, it was MEA weekend, so my routine was off-by choice. I still could have gotten up at 5 and done everything normal. But since I didn’t have kids to get on the bus and it was my “recovery” day for my workout I chose to get up at 6:30 and never got around to reading my Bible before my day got going. First mistake.

Fast forward a couple hours. Things are going pretty smoothly. Jerem calls, needs me to come in to Warroad to sign a paper he has at work. I told him I’d be in as soon as the washer was done (I don’t trust leaving it alone). So it was almost done spinning so put Ava in the car and told the kids to get buckled up I’d be right out. I was in Anson’s room sorting clothes and the washer started shaking really bad, it’s old, whatever. I heard my big 200 load jug of laundry soap jiggle off and fall behind the machine. “I’ll just get it later” I thought. Finally the washer was done and I went to throw the clothes in the dryer.

videos of ava 008

I saw some suspicious blue stuff leaking out from under the washer and my heart sunk.

videos of ava 009

The ENTIRE jug spilled. Yeah folks, THIS jug!

videos of ava 011


videos of ava 010

It was 1/2 INCH THICK on the floor. I started cleaning it up with not a great attitude. Pretty soon Anson came in from the van..they had been waiting out there 15 min…poor kids. I told them to just go play in the van with Ava while I got it taken care of. I wasn’t even sure how to go about it. Tip: shop vacs DO NOT work! I had suds blowing out the back EVERYWHERE. I finally resorted to just scooping it with my hands. As I was cleaning it up I wondered if the Lord allowed this to happen to slow me down and bring to my attention how I hadn’t started my day with Him like I should have.

So 45 minutes later I was done, had my heart back where it should be and very nice smelling, clean floor to boot. Oh yes, and I kept the soap…I wasn’t throwing $8 worth of laundry soap away, no matter how much dirt was in it!!!


~ Tandis ~ said...

:( Awwwww! I'm sorry about your laundry soap. Yes, the nice thing is that it will keep your laundry room smelling super clean for awhile. Gotta LOVE that!!!
I'm sorry that your extra sleep meant a rough morning. Love you. Hope your day got easier.

Micah said...

Actually this was a story from a couple weeks ago that just took awhile to post. :) I enjoyed sleeping til 6:30 very much this morning and did my Bible AFTER the kids left BEFORE Kodiak came

Denis Haack said...

So sorry for all this, Micah. It seems that when things go wrong, they seem to do it in hunks instead of just one little thing at a time.

christa said...

it was only $8 for that huge jug of soap? where do you shop? it seems like even the little ones are at least that much. sorry that that's what i got out of your story! haha. :)

Micah said...

maybe I'm exagerating :) All I know is a jug like that is a LOT cheaper at walmart then up here!

kara said...

I would have saved the soap too!! I bet your floor sparkles! What a mess tho!