Friday, January 14, 2011

It’s Official!

After a few months of paperwork and training I am officially licensed as a day care provider. I am very excited about having the opportunity to do this and pray that I am used to touch a family’s life for the Lord.

My flier


Normally I’m not a terribly organized person, but I decided I better get organized if I’m going to keep my house and spiritual life in line. So I made up a few lists. The first is my cleaning list, if I stick to it my house will be spotless, I’m learning to stick to it. The second is our Saturday chore list with special jobs for each family member. Last two my schedule, bottom two are the kids’ memory verses. We’re still figuring this one out. I miss my blackboard in the kitchen for verses. We are having a hard time remembering to memorize, hopefully this helps.

supper and daycare 002

My daily schedule. Starts at 5 am and is pretty structured. Gives me my times I can clean and what to clean and the times I’m supposed to ignore all and just focus on kids. So far so good, today I’m slacking though.

supper and daycare 003

So, that’s about it. So far I just have Kodiak and a 2 month old Levi (who starts next month). Hoping for 2 more.


christa said...

Did you schedule time for blogging and facebook?

~ Tandis ~ said...

*yawn* 5am?! *yawn*yawn* You're amazing!
I am excited for you starting a new chapter in life. You will indeed touch a family through your loving care. :)

Katie said...

5am?! Yikes girl!! But do you think you could make me a schedule? :) Good luck with the daycare! I know you will touch lives of those little ones, and thier parents! Hope it all goes well