Thursday, April 7, 2011

I know some of you are probably waiting to hear about out our girl’s weekend down in the cities. Well, it was a blast! From shopping and eating, to going to a comedy club and playing Pictionary the whole weekend was a great time. Instead of boring you with details of that though, I thought I’d brag about Jerem’s time here with the kids.

As you know, they were looking forward to a weekend with daddy. Saturday was beautiful up here so they spent the day outside. I don’t have a play by play account of the weekend, but I did hear some highlights.

Now that the snow was finally melting, Jerem let the kids go exploring in the woods. They had been gone about a half hour or so, so he wasn’t too worried. Him and Ava started walking to the mailbox to get the mail and he heard the kids. He saw Paige running up the road to the driveway with tears streaming down her face. They had gotten lost and finally found the road so they knew how to get home. Jerem said if they had just looked to their right they would have seen the house through the trees. But I suppose when you’re 3 feet tall you don’t think rationally. I did feel a little bad for them, but mostly thought it was kind of funny. I’m so mean, I know.

The rest of the day went smoothly though, and was finished off with burgers right off the grill, baths all around and the Saturday chores done. In my hurry to leave I forgot to lay out the girls’ Sunday clothes. Anson’s I had done, but not Paige and Ava’s. Oops. I told Jerem to just look in their closet they both had dresses hanging up. Who says you can’t wear brown and pink striped tights with a black and pink polka dotted dress? According to Ava that is the THING to wear this spring!

At first I was a little bummed.I thought, “why couldn’t Jerem have had a little bit of a tough time taking care of the 3 for the weekend so he has a whole new appreciation of what a mom does?”. Then it was pointed out to me; he’s probably more likely to not be afraid to do it again, right? I mean, it was a piece of cake for him, AND I came home to a CLEAN house. Talk about Super Dad. Wow.

So that was their weekend.I wish I had left the camera with him, I wasn’t really thinking. Surprise, surprise.  Stay tuned for some spring pictures from this week coming soon!

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~ Tandis ~ said...

Lost in the woods! What a memory to laugh at in future years. :) A bonding experience for sure!

You're right, if Dads have a good/easy time home alone with kids they are definitely more likely to do it again. THAT IS A GOOD THING! :)