Thursday, October 20, 2011

Uncle Chet and Auntie Kimber

Last weekend we enjoyed a visit from my brother and sister-in-law Kim. We had a great visit. The guys got the insulation blown in, us girls got pedicures. Seemed fair to us! The only complaint I have about their visit to us? It was TOO SHORT!!! Miss these guys already!

chet kim visit 018

Paige and her Uncle Chet have a very..ummm…special (?) relationship!

chet kim visit 028chet kim visit 030chet kim visit 021

Anson said he was going to miss uncle Chet very much because “he taught me so many awesome things”. Primarily, the correct way to shoot a rubber band.

chet kim visit 037

Kim and I thought it would be fun to carve pumpkins. Thought being the operative word here. Turns out we did it on our own and Paige was the photographer. What a mess!

chet kim visit 051chet kim visit 053

Back away..I have a knife!

chet kim visit 057

Paige lasted for one stab.

chet kim visit 060chet kim visit 074

Uncle Chet tried to get Ava to warm up to him the whole visit. Not sure this was the right way to go about it.

chet kim visit 082chet kim visit 083chet kim visit 086chet kim visit 096

Come back and visit again soon!!


~ Tandis ~ said...

Poor Ava looks scared to death on BOTH shoulders! Way to make her terrified of heights for life! ;) Reminds me of my girls though.... shy and scared of dangerous fun. Hehe.

Sounds like a very fun visit. We LOVE our *childless* aunties and uncles A LOT. They are toooo fun and always full of energy!!!

Jill said...

those pumpkins turned out awesome!!