Monday, November 5, 2012

BFF Diary By Paige

I found this gem while going through Paige’s folder last week. Scroll all the way down for the story typed out and the translation of it. (She doesn’t have the best spelling).

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BFF Chloe

When I go to Chloe’s house. I find that she rely (really) like’s me a lot. She will be my BFF for ever and ever an (and) til she dise (dies) and I am not kiding (kidding) it is fo (for) relly (really) reall (real). She is my cusin (cousin) of (for) reall (real). and we will Play for ever. Love Chloe a Lot. 

BFF Chloe

It is so fun being Chloe’s cosin (cousin). She like’s in (it) to. I Like her a lot because she is my cosin (cousin) we are BFF Best Friends Forever. I love Chloe.


~ Tandis ~ said...

Very cute. Lord willing they can stay this close for their whole lives.

Jill said...

this is so sweet.. glad you are taking pics of it, good way to preserve our memories I think,
and your video below is real cute too! You had such a pretty fall wedding...pray the Lord continues to bless and strengthen your marriage!!

Anonymous said...

The neatest part is, they probably will be best friends forever!

My kids were just mentioning the other day that most other people have cousins that are best friends, and they don't. All my siblings live so far away, their kids are pretty much strangers to mine.

Love her pics and her heart!