Friday, September 25, 2009

Mom's Project

Looking in from the doorway

Paige's corner

"New" closet

Ava's nook (waiting for letters for her name)

It has been great having my mom and siblings here for the last 3 weeks. Soon after arriving mom tackled the girls' room, formerly Ansons. We kept the green walls since I didn't feel like repainting and played off green/pink/yellow for colors. Mom rediscovered her talent at the sewing machine, every day coming up with a new idea. She made the curtains for the closet out of an old sheet, as she did with the crib and Paige's bed skirt. We bought fabric for accenting but that was the only purchase we had to make as far as sewing went. She also made the curtains for the window. Then some pillows for the bed. Repainted Paige's kitchen hutch (you can kind of see it in the last picture), and a small chest of drawers for toys. Jerem and my brother built shelves in the corner of the closet for books, and cut the closet pole down since we didn't need the entire length. We put Paige's clothes in tubs on the top shelf which is nice because it will keep her from changing 5 times a day! I'm so thankful for all we got done and love the new space for the girls. Anson is adjusting to a much smaller room which is still waiting for a few things to be finished on. Mainly getting some hunting decor up for him! The family leaves tomorrow and next week I'm sure the silence in the house will feel strange and take some getting used to.
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Jalon said...

LOVE the room Micah!! Tell your mom awesome job! I am working on my girls room right now, but have a feeling it is going to take me a little longer! :) Love the names on the walls idea too! I have Briann's but not sydney yet. SO pretty!!

Jill said...

Very Cute!! Thanks for sharing, enjoy those girls.

christa said...

this turned out soo cute - i love that closet!

Kim said...

Great job Jan and Micah!! It looks wondering, can't wait to see it in person, not sure I can hold out until December...but it looks like I'm going to have too. :(
Miss you guys, give all the kiddos a big hug for me.

Secondstreetdesigns said...

congrats on the new baby... and what a cute room! You guys did a great job.