Thursday, September 10, 2009

Still Here

I tried putting up the tradition "first day" of school pics, but they wouldn't load. So I gave up. I am still here, no baby, just busy. I'm not sure what it is about a baby coming that makes a person think the ENTIRE house needs redecorating, like the kid cares, right? This week my family got here on Monday, mom and 5 kids, so it's been a busy week. I should have taken pictures of the paint job when the house was easier to keep clean. :) Our current project is a closet redo. Mom is having lots of fun with it so hopefully I'll have pictures to post of that soon too. Maybe I'll just wait until I can put up pictures of everything before you see our living room/kitchen redo. I'm still hoping that I'll be posting a birth announcement before then, but our dear daughter doesn't seem interested in meeting us. Still carrying high, no dilation, effacement, anything. So Jill, yeah, you just might go before me. I'm not sure if the doctor really thought it was helpful, but at my last appointment he mentioned women having 10-11 lb babies, like he thinks I'm a candidate for that. REALLY????? I really truly hope not! So until next time, when you think of us, picture a busy house, getting food on the table for 10, kids out the door to school in the morning, and hoping each contraction is a sign of something going on.


christa said...

oh, i hope she comes sooner than later and that she's really not 10-11 pounds. ouch! i really want to meet this girl!!

Brent and Lisa said...

10-11lbs!! oofta! .. I think she will be a little seven pounder! :) You don't need something else to stress over! I bet its crazy but so nice to have your family there to help you with everything!! We look forward to meeting you new little girl!