Friday, October 30, 2009

Breathing Again

After a week of the flu being in our house I was beginning to feel quite overwhelmed. I don't know if it was the kids needing to be indoors for a week, or me not getting out really for a week, or just the general dis-array that had overtaken the house-but I was feeling bogged down. Today everyone seems completely on the mend, and with Anson off to school and the girls napping I tackled the house. I feel like I can breath again now that the counter is clean, the TV screen is washed, the dish rack is unloaded, and the laundry is folded. The other night I had an "I feel like my mom" moment. I am NOT a night owl....AT ALL!!! She always was, staying up late into the night after we had gone to bed cause it was her time to "get stuff done". I've never had the desire to get something done that bad that it prohibits me from going to bed at a decent 9. Now that we have Ava, things are changing a bit. She has some nights where she doesn't settle down to sleep until after 10 pm. A couple nights ago was one such night, I was waiting for her to fall asleep in her bed before I went to bed. I decided to do up some dishes while waiting. Then pack the kids lunch for the next day. Got Paigees costume ready. House quiet, baby sleeping. Man, I thought to myself, there's something to this working when people are in bed. So I proceeded to make my grocery list and do a few other things before I called it quits. And as I headed to bed I smiled and thought; mom, if you only knew what I just did you'd be laughing. Here are the pics you've been asking for from our not-so-recent mini-makeover. I still love the new color, furniture, and layout. My favorite part has to be the chalkboard cupboards. Makes for memorizing verses and making lists very convenient.

living room, before living room, after

kitchen, before kitchen, after
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Anonymous said...

Hey Micah- It looks really great!! It is so clean and crisp. I love the chalkboards also. Such a good idea. I can't believe you had a mom night!! I haven't had one of those in forever. I just like going to be early now. I am turning into you!! a late now for us is like 10. hard to believe right!!! this is natasha by the way. I didn't realize I needed and account to post.