Saturday, November 7, 2009

Northern Exposure

I'll just say it now, I'm not looking forward to winter. Yes, it looks white and clean and beautiful-but you can't feel -20 degrees in a photograph, or see how much time it takes to bundle up and carry kids to the car, or experience the feeling of it being April and still not warm enough to wear flip-flops. So these days I'm relishing the look of still slightly green grass, warm sunshine, and days when kids can go outside without layering on the clothes. I thought I'd put up a couple photos that show the contrast of our life. True, both seasons the kids obviously have fun-I just like the warmth I think. Of course, without cold weather there would be no hockey, and without hockey we'd have a sad little boy. So winter go ahead and come..I'll just retreat to my room when the days get long and cold and get lost in photos from last summer.

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MommaMindy said...

What a fun idea to post pics from both seasons! It was a great contrast, and gives you hope for the spring. We were just telling some friends from India last night what it was like to live in MN/ND during the winter. I have to admit, it is better to tell snow stories in flashback that in reality. You have a TON of snow!