Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Spiderman and Princess P from the PBS show Super Readers

The kids made an awesome haul with trick-or-treating this year. I'm officially candied out! Paige was able to re-use a flower girl dress from my brothers wedding and found all her other stuff in her dress up box. Nice cheap costume! Anson was determined to be spiderman but I refused to pay $50 for his costume. So I waited till last minute and got it super cheap. They had their class parties too so they got a couple uses out of thier costumes this year.
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christa said...

cute costumes! i can't believe how expensive they are either - $50??!?!?! what happened to the three little pigs idea? maybe next year!!

Secondstreetdesigns said...

that's funny- Aidan was spiderman too. He should bring his to Dallas and Marijeans this weekend and the two can play spiderman together. hee hee.

Micah said...

good idea..do it!