Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I know, I know, it’s been awhile. I thought I had nothing to blog about. I haven’t really tried any new recipes, tackled any projects. (okay, I’m lying about the project. it didn’t turn out. no blogging about it).  Then I downloaded my pics from the camera. Thought I only had about a weeks worth, turns out I have a lot more.

My dad came for a visit the 11th-16th. It was his first time meeting Ava and they bonded immediately. I had prepared him for her crabby, demanding demeanor. I was proven wrong. She snuggled, cooed, and well, just loved him. No surprise, he’s had lots of practice.


Anson and Paige loved the one on one attention they got from Papa and we were all sad to see him go.


Anson also had his first game that weekend in a all day jamboree up in Canada. His team played 3 games and score wasn’t kept. Probably a good thing. He had lots of fun and I think we’re going to have a very sad little boy on our hands when hockey season is over. (he was #10)



Anson with his buddy Riley (above). Riley’s mom, Kara is always ready and willing to hold Ava for me at practices, games, etc. In fact, she was a bit miffed that my dad was hogging so much time with her. :) After explaining that he hadn’t seen her and lives oh so far away she was very understanding and settled for holding her when he was ready for a break. He didn’t take many breaks.


And what of Paige? Well, she's just been hangin’ out, enjoying the snow.



~ Tandis ~ said...

I'm glad you got to spend some time with your Dad/Grandpa. Time spent with far away family is always extra special. I'm so glad that Ava cooperated...that would have been a bummer if she was afraid of him the whole time.
Anson is impressive with hockey. Ice is so tricky. Paige, I'd like to meet her. She seems like such a trooper!

Anonymous said...

I feel so honored that Riley and I made your blog! Great pictures! It was nice of me to 'share' Ava!!