Sunday, December 12, 2010


Here is the living room paint job. I still have to do some touch up but have lost motivation. eerrghh.

thanksgiving 025

Before..kinda…not a great picture

christmas baking 001


christmas baking 003

Love it!!!


~ Tandis ~ said...

VERY nice!! What is the color name?

Katie said...

That looks amazing!! I love the color! Isn't it fun making it YOUR home?! :) Can't wait to come see it in person when we come for Christmas. See you soon :)

MommaMindy said...

OK, so I saw the first picture without reading the capture and thought, "Hmmm, Micah has interesting taste," - but it really didn't seem like you. I scrolled down, saw the rest of the pics and laughed. Yea, it looks like you. What a cozy, warm color! Way to go!

christa said...

very nice!! i was a little nervous before when you said you might keep some of the purple or the border or whatever it was. i'm glad you didn't. i LOVE the color. and i think you're right - might be close to my new living room too!! see you next weekend!!