Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Come as a Child

Paige brought home a paper from Sunday school with a prayer of salvation on it. She told me today that she wanted to get it and pray it before lunch. I asked her why she wanted to pray that prayer and she didn’t really have a reason. I talked to the kids about the importance of a prayer like that and about salvation. Anson has a pretty good grasp on it, it seems…Paige is still figuring it out. We had a nice conversation about how sinful we are and how Jesus took all of our sins with Him to the cross and covered them with His blood. I told them that we have to accept it and believe it for ourselves to make it personal, then Jesus will live in us forever and our names will be written in the book of life. Paige seemed to be following along really well and said, “yes, so that is the most important prayer there is in the world. Cause if you pray it and a bear attacks you then you won’t die”. I explained you might still die but you know you will go to heaven. This conversation really encouraged me to pray even more earnestly for the salvation of my children, and others we are surrounded with too. They are so young and tender right now, what a great gift we have as parents to teach them about the way of salvation and see them come to that saving knowledge.


p.s. another quote from paige today (she always has something to say) “Obama is our president. I don’t get it. There’s a bomb in his name. O-BOMB-A. Why in the world would we have a president who has a bomb in his name?”


~ Tandis ~ said...

"Amen" about praying for our children AND those around us more earnestly. Paige is getting close! :)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! What a smarty! Why would we have him for a President?! For many, many reasons, why?!

Jill said...

Dido to Tandis. Amen Sister.

Love the quotes! ;-)