Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Volleyball Time!


Ever since Paige and Chloe were little they showed great promise on the court. This year they did a 3 day volleyball camp and had a great time!

tashas cam visit 272


tashas cam visit 289

Sooooo, I might have gone a little overboard on pictures, these girls are just TOO cute though!

tashas cam visit 292tashas cam visit 305

She’s her mama’s daughter that’s for sure!

tashas cam visit 301tashas cam visit 308

She might be too. Is she cringing AWAY from the ball?

tashas cam visit 309tashas cam visit 319tashas cam visit 346

I love these two, can’t wait to watch them from the stands in a few years!


~ Tandis ~ said...

So cute! That definitely will be fun, especially if they continue to practice and enjoy it too.

Jill O. said...

Love, Love, Love the pictures!!! They turned out great! Glad you got some, cause I gone none?!? Thanks for the cute post!!!