Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I know I put these pictures on facebook, but not all of you have fb. Well, okay, pretty much Jill M. you don’t. So I apologize for those of you who were looking forward to a new post and then came and realized you have seen these already.

We had a GREAT fall day for pictures Saturday. My friend Kara and I headed out with the kids to get some new art for our walls. By then end of the shoot we were both exhausted from yelling and well, yelling. We really hope our children listen to instruction better in school than they did for us with pictures. “Anson, put your head here, feet here. No. Is that where your head is supposed to go? Look, like THIS, feet HERE. Nevermind, Ava’s crying.” Then on the other hand there’s Paige; “Mom, how about this pose?” (Laying on her side on a log with her head propped up in her hand) “Mom take a picture of me. Is this cute?” Ahhhhhh….is this why people PAY to have others take their kids’ pictures?

Out of the 400 that were taken we did each get 50 good ones, here is a few to enjoy.


Kara’s boys. Riley and Sawyer. By far my FAVORITE of them. They are just too cute!

fall photo shoot 2011 361

fall photo shoot 2011 318fall photo shoot 2011 366fall photo shoot 2011 383fall photo shoot 2011 417fall photo shoot 2011 464fall photo shoot 2011 498fall photo shoot 2011 569

fall photo shoot 2011 332

This one is on it’s way with the verse “You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore. Psalm 16:11” printed on the bottom. I wish Jerem was in it too, but lets face it, guys hate picture time.

I left some of the favorites out. We have to give you SOMETHING to look forward to with the Christmas card!

fall photo shoot 2011 209

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Jill said...

awww thanks Micah! ;) Great pics, looks like a fun day... I've been on my older ones to take their pics for this fall.

And, I've bought many a big sticky colorful sucker to do pics with! Love them!