Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer is Over

first day of school 004first day of school 008

I can’t believe she’s in 1st grade!! And he’s in 2nd. They’re growing up SO fast!

first day of school 018first day of school 014

Waiting for that 6:50 bus. Yuck!

first day of school 013

So what am I doing with my quiet day you ask? Watching a 4 year old, 2-2 year olds and a 10 month old!

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~ Tandis ~ said...

6:50?! That stinks. =/ But glad they can be together. :) Love the little puppy helping them wait. He'll memorize their schedule and will be so excited when he hears the bus coming home. :)

Sounds like a VERY EASY day for you.... HA! Or not! :)