Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Part 2

When we left Princess Ava Lou she had set off to find the friend she knew was waiting for her. She left the Magical Forest and went deep into the Enchanted Wood.
. DSCF6117
Although she didn’t know exactly where she was going and couldn’t see anything but trees she knew that a girl in white disapeared in these woods every day.
Just when she was about to give up all hope she heard a noise that made her turn and look up….
..and there, perched in a tree like a bird was the girl she had been looking for.
Because this girl was often at school Princess Ava Lou didn’t realize that this was another princess from her castle, Princess Paige.
And although Princess Paige was required to dress like a princess she certainly didn’t act like one, and spent all her free time playing in the Enchanted Wood, climbing trees and exploring.
Princess Ava Lou and Princess Paige started playing together, sharing secrets, and becoming friends.
Then off in the distance something caught the little princess’s eye.
And so they set off together to see what other adventures awaited them.
The spent all day in the Enchanted Wood, realizing that the other had been there all along, under the same roof.
At the end of the day Princess Ava Lou knew that even though she had been looking for a friend, she had found someone even more special.
A sister.



MommaMindy said...

This is so delightful! I love how creative you are.

I also am astounded that your girls are so old already. Why do our kids have to grow up so fast? :)

~ Tandis ~ said...

Very precious. The pictures will be a wonderful memory. :)

natasha phillips said...

I miss my little princesses. Can't wait to see their story develop over the years. You are such a good mom to take time and write stories like this that will be treasured for years to come.