Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Miss Ava Lou! ava's birthday 003ava's birthday 004

She received that backpack for Christmas last year and with the kids leaving for school every morning, well, lets just say it’s become her newest obsession. She sleeps with it, eats with it, takes it EVERYWHERE with her.

ava's birthday 006

We had a nice quiet party with her best friend Ali (daycare friend) and family, and the Derek Olson family. It was a perfect evening for supper on the deck!

ava's birthday 008

Who wouldn’t love 24 different colors of play-doh?? Her and Kodiak have been playing with it all morning! And yes, about 3 colors have already been mixed together.


A big shout out to my little brother Clark! He’s turning 10 today! Wow! I was a little pre-occupied with my wedding when he was born, but I remember him as a sweet little baby. Hard to believe he’s getting so grown up. Love you buddy!

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